The Writing in the Sky, Sunset Sunday Returns L’Ametlla, Spain

Walking down to the inner harbor I noticed the beautiful sunset sky over L’Ametlla del Mar as boats prepared for fishing expeditions. My travels once again took me to Spain and this charming seaside fishing town on the Catalonian coast of Costa Dorada.

sunset from L'ametlla del Mar, Catalonia, Spain, Europe

setting of to sea at sunset

I have enjoyed many L’Ametlla sunsets through the years. I visit the village far from Spain’s tourist trail (between Valencia and Barcelona) because it is the town my Spanish family friends spend their time when escaping city life. They live in Zaragoza. But I didn’t think the “Z”in the sky that evening was for Zaragoza.

Z Sunset for Sunset Sunday

the Letter Z in the sky at Sunset over L'Ametlla, Catalonia, Spain

Z Marks the (Sunset) Spot

Gazing at the colorful clouds over the harbor, I noticed the letter Z.  It was hard not too. The sky was empty except for a few pink clouds and the letter “appeared.” The clouds didn’t script stay adventurous or Sunset Sunday, but the “Z” was enough to tell me, this sunset and the sunset itself remains special for me.

So to start off New Year and the #SunsetSunday Series I wanted to share this special moment with you. I wanted to let you all know there are plenty of sunset images, memories and magic to be shared in 2015. And my wish for you, is that you find special moments in your sunsets this year too. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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