Lake Wallenpaupack’s Wally Lake Fest and its Boat Parade

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

Boats tie up to listen to music and watch the boat parade

Wally Lake Fest, the three day weekend festival held on Lake Wallenpaupack is just days away. This August 22-24 the lake region of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains will be crowded as visitors and locals plan to celebrate one of the last weekends of summer on the water.

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania SUP

plenty of SUP opportunity between tied up boats

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

the band plays on the water.

Last year was my first experience at Wally Lake Fest and before the festival officially kicked-off I decided to take a sunset tour of the Lake Wallenpaupack to learn more about the history of the lake I’ve spent many summer afternoons enjoying. A very insightful and scenic tour.

Yet, the tranquil waters would soon give way to a three day weekend party on the Lake. Actually, the festival is more than activities held on the Lake Wallenpaupack itself, you can see the full lineup for Wally Lake Fest events for 2014.

The Wally Lake Fest Boat Parade

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvanialake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

Perhaps the highlight of the special events is the annual Wally Lake Fest Boat Parade. Selected or perhaps accepted (semantics) as a Boat Parade judge I arrived early to board a special pontoon boat and we headed out to view the boats for the first time.  Working with the local Poconos Mountains Visitors Bureau  and the main sponsor from Chant Realtors, I learned how the parade continues to grow in size and excitement each year.  I believe I can speak for everyone when I say, we were all impressed with the dedication to design and the “Wallyfest” spirit displayed on each boat for passengers of all ages. From Gilligan’s Island to Pirates, from a dedication to First Nations to Thank you to our Veterans, from the Wizard of Oz to the Wild Wild West all boat parade participants played the roles, dressed the part and enjoyed the afternoon.

How to Win the Wallyfest Boat Parade?

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

Judging was so difficult. Picking a winner (or winners) was no easy task. The judges job was made easier with all the prizes, almost no boat went home empty handed, but we needed to select a top prize. We did.

Congrats again to the First Nations Boat.

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

First Nations took First Place and the Check for $1,000 USD

I am not judging again this year (nor did I enter a boat), but for some friendly advice to contestants – have a purpose to your theme, make it something you love and believe in, and definitely have fun. Smiles are noticeable and appreciated. Good luck everyone.

lake wallenpaupack wally lake fest pocono mountains, Pennsylvania

nearly all boats received cool prizes

Stay adventurous, Craig

I was honored to be a judge during the Wally Lake Fest Boat Parade last year and really enjoyed the entire “Wallyfest” experience. Thank you to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau for inviting me and also trusting my judgements.

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  • Maria Falvey

    A boat parade – fantastic summer fun with all those colors, shapes and sizes.

    • craig zabransky

      Summer Lake Fun at its best… Stay Summer, Craig

  • Leah Travels

    This looks like too much fun. It’s like Halloween on Austin’s 6th Street, but on the water.

    • craig zabransky

      Love Austin’s 6th st….

  • Pola

    This sounds like fun! I’ve spent a lot of time near lakes this summer, each time wondering if I’d like to have a boat of my own. The answer is no (give me a private jet any day though!), but I’d love to have friends who have a boat, haha. Super relaxing.

    • craig zabransky

      My parents had (have) a boat really my whole life, I can tell you it can be agony (and work) at times, but it certainly has its amazing moments… Stay Boating, Craig

  • Lazy Travelers

    the wino goes up to lake wallenpaupack every summer and she’s never mentioned this madness! i may need to investigate for myself. xo! the romantic

    • craig zabransky

      I heard about the wino’s visits, hopefully our paths will cross on one of these crazy weekends in the Lake Region…. I am sure we can attend to a few cocktails on the water… StayVisitingLakeWallenpaupack, Craig

  • Maryann

    Looking forward to Wallyfest this weekend. The locals put a lot of thought and effort in the Boat Parade. it is a fun weekend. Nice article.

    • craig zabransky

      Maryann, Hope it was (is) a good weekend, I also hear there was (is) a BBQ chicken dinner done by the local volunteer Lakeville Fire Station too….totally a great weekend to be in PA’s Pocono Lake Region, StaySummerWeekends, Craig