Sunset Sunday 2014 Calendar

The 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar has arrived in time for the holidays season. The 12 month inspirational sunset calendar is now available for sale. Based on the Sunset Sunday Series, the 2014 Sunset Calendar – Chasing the Sunset highlights some of my favorite sunset memories through the years. It is guaranteed to inspire you to take and make adventure by enjoying sunsets from across the world.

the Chasing the Sunset - 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar Cover

For help selecting or narrowing down the selection to 12 from the over 180 posts, I chose a theme of the sunset photo must be from the month it represents. So, the January image of the Key West sunset was photographed in January, February is from my February travels to Mazatlan for Carnanval, and the same all the way to December.

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Stay Finding Perfect Holiday Gifts, Craig

The 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar’s 12 months