Join Me for an Adventure in Tequila Tasting this April 22nd

If you read this blog, listen to my podcast, or just know me, then you know I love Mexico. You also probably suspect (correctly) I love its agave spirits too.  Well, if you want to learn more about these spirits and more about the culture through cuisine, you can join me for a virtual Tequila Tasting on April 22nd.

preapring to taste tequila through stay luxurious spirit tastings a virtual event with eleven20 tequila

I will use Eleven20 Tequila in the tasting .

Tequila Tasting Details & Sign Up


So join me for this Stay Luxurious Spirits Journey on April 22nd and let’s get the basics on Tequila. Trust me it is not one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

rooftop cocktail in guanjuato mexico

tequila cocktails are delicious

Stay Luxurious Journeys

I launched stay luxurious over two years ago now, and I have been doing virtual wine tastings since its launch and are set to do three wine journeys each year. The next one is slated for June 24th for details click here. We even have a planned a wine journey (in person) to discover Spain this September. I can’t wait.

Well in those virtual journeys I have fielded numerous request for spirit tastings too – and particularly tequila. My audience knows my affinity for Mexico and well, through my travels I’ve tasted tequila, and even wrote about it here, with Tequila Triple Play (all day), the proper Tequila glasses, and of course the Tequila Bandera (Mexican flag). So those requests will be granted, my first Tequila Tasting – the basics will be held virtually on Saturday, April 22nd.

the Bandera.... Viva Mexico!

the Bandera…. Viva Mexico!

Tequila Tasting Details

The 75+ minute tasting will be virtual and begin 6:30pm ET (Florida Keys Time – I live in Margaritaville after all) and we will connect through zoom. Once you sign up you set to receive an email, 5 days prior to the event (on a taco Tuesday) detailing everything you need to participate properly. Of course what you bring is up to you and how much you participate is entirely up to you too.

Each sign-up gives you the information and a a zoom window, so you can throw you own fiesta, make it a date night, or fly solo and be a dedicated student – either way you will not be drinking alone.

You will also need Tequila, I am working with Eleven20, a new tequila brand, and you can order those tequilas on line directly from their site – they will deliver in 3-4 days, so don’t delay. Or you can use what you have at home or purchase any type from your local liquor store. But make sure you have 3 types; a blanco, a respasado, and an anejo.

tray of tequila at hacienda tres rios resort in the riviera maya at a special tasting

I”ll have another…

Also, like all my wine tastings, we will do pairings too. We will have three tastes to prepare and also make cocktails too.   I will provide recipes when needed (and in advance) plus give you a list of everything to have on hand for the event. Again you can do as much or little as you want. No pressure, it’s all a fun, learning experience.

Finally, the zoom talk will be 75-90 minutes and I will review a presentation you will receive in the same email detailing what you need to bring. Examples of what might be on that list, include: salt, lime, ice, cervesas, etc… nothing too crazy, but we will be making a sangrita too (it is not sangria).

Well, if you are ready for adventure in cuisine or shall I say adventure in the spirits, get ready, we are tasting Tequila this April 22nd. And finally, I’ll promise you one thing, you will be prepared to impress folks on Cinco de Mayo with what you learn. See you April 22nd


Tequila Tasting Details & Sign Up


shots of tequila at the bar in mexico

get ready to love tequila

Viva Tequila!

Stay adventurous, Craig

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