The Tequila Toast with Champagne Flutes

We arrived at the CasaMagna Marriott for a tequila tasting and I immediately noticed blue agave plants as part of the lobby landscape. Not a surprise as the CasaMagna offers its own house tequila; the tequila we came to taste.

the tequilero explains the node...

But, the tasting did surprise. No, not the tequila. Fortunately, I have tasted the difference between the blanco, repasado, and anejo tequilas before, and the CasaMagna, “house” brand, scored pretty well on my chart. Tasting the flight was indeed quite the delight, but the surprise came with the glasses. Flutes?

We were introduced to the local tequilero who also doubles as the hotel’s sommelier (impressively,  she achieved certifications for both). Translation: she knows her stuff.  Certainly, being French gave her instant credibility on wines but she seemed to excel in describing tequila too.

She poured the blanco first and described it’s purity, why it works well with mixing, and how it produces the strongest odor.  I put my nose in the glass, but I couldn’t stop wondering… Why a flute?

I’ve tasted tequila in brandy sniffers or in straight shot glasses, but champagne glasses? This was a first. Did her French heritage play a role? Was it related to a comparison to the Champagne region of France? We all know Champagne is the only region that can call its sparkling wine Champagne, but did you know the Tequila region of Mexico (in Jalisco) is the only place that can call the Blue Agave spirit Tequila? Is this why she chose the Champagne flute? A copy? It can’t be, but my mind continued to wander.

She continued to describe the flavors and nodes when she answered the question about the glasses. These were not champagne flutes, but official tequila glasses.  The Riedel designed tequila glass.

I believed her, but did keep a curiosity.  I wondered why?


the tequila tasting with tequila flutes...

Then, the more I thought about the design, the more it made sense. Not only because tequila and champagne are perhaps my two favorites (they are) but because they are both rather celebratory. Yes, we drink them both when celebrating holidays or special milestones.

Not buying it? Sure, there might be a more scientific reason too.  But, either way, I plan to be rather festive this holiday season and that might just include a few tequila toasts. Hope you’ll join me.

Stay adventurous, Craig

I’d like to thank the CasaMagna Marriott in Puerto Vallarta for pouring a few tequilas and teaching me something new about my favorite spirit.

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  • Sarah Wu

    Great Tasting.. sounds fun.

  • Evi

    How bizarre! I just spent several months in Mexico City and around Mexico and never saw such a thing, but you’re right, it does make sense. Now if only we could find some even minimally decent tequila in Budapest (where we are right now – traveling around the world).

    Great post, thanks!

    • Craig Zabransky

      I spent over a year and a 1/2 living in Mexico City and this was my first experience with the glasses. No complaints though… Tequila is great in any glass, good luck finding some in Budapest.

      stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Sherry

    My brother is a wine distributer and he gave me a set of these “tequila glasses” after attending a class on tequila. Apparently, the shape of the glass makes the tequila hit just the right spot on your tongue for the best taste. I honestly did not notice a difference (I usually drink from a brandy glass) but my brother swears by it. He says that is why you have different glasses for different types of wine/liquor. It all has to do with how it breathes and how it hits your tongue.
    Happy drinking!

    • Craig Zabransky

      @sherry, I am probably unable to taste the difference myself between glasses, but I say ‘happy drinking’ too. And if we use a champagne style glass to celebrate, I am all for it.

      stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Maria

    Life should be festive – it is way too short so I’m down with turning everything into a fiesta. I read this and poured my orange juice into a flute! Tasted so much better. *grin*

    • craig zabransky

      You can always add a little champagne to the OJ… that’s probably where the mimosa originated… a few people just wanted to be festive in the everyday.. stay festive, Craig

  • Green Global Travel

    I love that you perceive the glass choice as a desire to celebrate as much as possible! We like to take the approach to everything in life!

    • craig zabransky

      Yes, of course. Really everything is a choice, and I agree on must choose to celebrate life, well everything. stay celebrating, Craig

  • Ali

    I’ve never been a fan of tequila, but then I’ve probably never tasted the good stuff. Might have to try again one of these days!

    • craig zabransky

      Ali, please try some “good stuff” and definitely let me know if you need recommendations, I’ve been known to taste a few tequilas in my time… stay tequila tasting, Craig

      • Ali

        I know I tweeted at you awhile back because we’re thinking of going to Mexico for a few months in the winter, so assuming that works out, I will definitely hit you up for some recommendations! Thanks!

      • craig zabransky

        Ali, please do… If I don’t have first hand knowledge of a location, there is a great chance I know someone who does… And it turns out I might be there this winter too…

        stay wintering in Mexico, Craig

  • Abby

    Yes, these have taken over Vegas, too.

    • craig zabransky

      Good to know for the next time I am in Vegas… Thanks. Stay adventurous, Craig