The Tequila Triple Play

sometimes simple is 'mejor'

In social circles, people often ask, “so, what is your favorite drink?” And perhaps I have too many. But if I needed to make a choice, a spirit to spend my days on the deserted island with, my choice, my Blue Agave friend. Si, Tequila.

Many might not be surprised, after all Mexico and me do hold a tight bond of friendship. But the reason might surprise. It’s the triple play. Tequila is perfectly suited for all times of the day. Suited for all three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No, I don’t imagine myself constantly drinking on the island, but if I was on the island, lost, I do imagine days when one might welcome a drink at any hour. A good one too. That’s Tequila.

the tequila sunrise

For breakfast: The Tequila Sunrise. This delicious cocktail is best with fresh squeezed OJ just the like the one shown in the photo. Served as my morning welcome drink at Rancho Pescadero, it created the perfect mood.  I requested it. Good choice.

the poolside frozen margarita

For Lunch: Although I prefer the Margarita on the rocks usually, with only fresh squeezed lime juice of course (I squeeze my own when necessary), when I am poolside sometimes the frozen refreshment is the proper call. Here, at Pueblo Bonito I am about to enjoy the afternoon.

the scene I imagine for tonight in DF. Photo: Aadam Lortz

For Dinner: And in the evening its straight sipping for Tequila. One of my favorites from my days in D.F. (Mexico City) was Herradura Repasado.  The night shown in this photo turned into quite the party as you might imagine. And I suspect on the eve of Independence Day in Mexico (El Grito) – this will be a common scene around all of Mexico.

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 11 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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