A Surprisingly Healthy Snack To Carry For Hiking

Which healthy snack can you carry during your hiking? Your body needs to stay fueled during a hike, so you can keep going and enjoy the scenery. You need a snack that is packed with nutrients, isn’t bulky or heavy to carry, is nonperishable for long hikes, and tastes good.

That seems like a tall order, doesn’t it? Something portable, healthy, delicious and energizing.

Beef jerky checks off all these boxes, unless, of course, you’re a full time  vegetarian or vegan. For meat-loving hikers, beef jerky contains many of the requirements needed during your adventure. It requires no refrigeration (check the package to ensure it is nonperishable). It is also highly portable and, thanks to lots of high-quality manufacturers, there are flavors for every meat-lovers’ palate.

Is Beef Jerky a good snack for hiking?

beef jerky delicious hiking snack

Beef jerky makes an ideal snack for hiking because it is light in weight and packed with enough protein to help keep you going. Beef jerky contains sodium, which is also a requirement while on the trail especially when it’s hotter outside.

Sodium helps a lot in regulating the hydration of the body. If you have a medical condition that requires lessening your sodium intake, consult with your healthcare provider before making major changes to your diet. (The information here is not to be mistaken for medical advice.)

The amount of protein in beef jerky can help ensure you are adequately boosted with the required energy to keep going. Along the trail, eating beef jerky will boost your body’s energy and satisfy your hunger. When the meat is dried well, it does away with the excessive fat during the dehydration process.

You might also want to pack some dried fruits and plenty of water, so you have a balanced source of nutrition during your hike.

Can Beef Jerky last for long during the hike?

If you decide to buy your beef jerky from the store, there should be an expiry date printed somewhere on the bag. The expiry date will help you determine how long your beef jerky will last during your hike. With jerky products, many expiration dates are “best by” dates, meaning it may still be good past the expiration date, but it may have lost its flavor.

Once a package of beef jerky has been opened, you should eat it within a week. For hiking purposes, look for beef jerky products with resealable bags that zip closed; remove as much air as possible before stowing it away.

Getting creative with Beef Jerky for your hike

Canada Muniz Hike in Tuxtla, Chiapas with EcoExperiencias

Hiking through the challenging terra

If you’re planning to hike and camp, you might be interested in a few ideas for getting the most out of your beef jerky. Jerky isn’t just a treat that comes in a resealable bag! It’s much more than that.

Dice your beef jerky into smaller pieces and mix it in with any store-bought or homemade trail mix. Some of the spicy flavors add a nice little kick to otherwise bland trail mixes. Also, if your trail mix is a little low on protein, beef jerky is a great way to boost this nutrition.

Make sandwich wraps for the road. Instead of using perishable lunch meats or roasted meats, add beef jerky. With beef jerky, you needn’t worry about refrigeration, because of its dried processing. It has a longer shelf life than raw or cooked meats.

Takeaway: Beef Jerky is a ‘yes’ for your next hike

Beef jerky might just be the perfect snack for hikers. It checks off all the boxes for meat-loving hikers and outdoor adventurers:

    • High in protein
    • Tastes great (variety of flavors available)
    • Portable
    • Easy to eat while walking
    • Doesn’t require refrigeration
    • Doesn’t spoil, has a long shelf

So you may want to consider packing some delicious beef jerky on your next hiking adventure, or when you plan to climb a mountain.

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