Tasting Quality Fire Dept. Coffee

Coffee provides a pick me for many of us. It also plays a significant role for first-responders, especially those working late, long or very early morning hours.  In a family with local fire department volunteers and also as a coffee drinker, I really became intrigued with the Fire Department Coffee Company.  The company started by fireman to provide quality coffee also provides support to fellow firefighters, first responders and their families. A win-win, right?

gift box of Fire Dept Coffee, with coffee, baseball hat and coffee mug

Coffee arrived.

This summer, I decided to take some coffee with me to sample on a visit to my parents in Lake Wallenpaupack, part of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Both volunteers at their local firehouse in Lakeville I shared my beans and here is what I (we) discovered.

What Did We Like?

The coffee. The coffee is real good. I sampled two different types from the many roasts offered, selecting the “Just Coffee” and the “Medium Roast.” Both provided a strong fragrance with a smooth taste.  A great way to start any day. I started simple and basic, but Fire Dept. Coffee (FDC) offers many unique roasts to sample too. One that caught my eye is a signature spirit (bourbon) infused roast. Perhaps my Sunday brunch coffee menu has changed.

lakeville firehouse in lake wallenpaupack, poconos, pennsylvania enjoying a cup of Fire Dept Coffee

my parents (dad firefighter, mom fire police) volunteering to serving the community enjoying a cup of java.

What Did We Love?

It supports fireman. The company made up of fireman take proceeds from the business to support fellow first responders in need through the Fire Department Coffee Charitable Foundation. The foundation gives back to those who have been injured on the job (mentally or physically) and others facing serious health challenges. I truly love that fireman are taking something they are passionate about – coffee – to benefit other firefighters.

medium roast blend FDC in the french press -

making my medium roast in the french press

What Else to Know?

I was curious about the source of the coffee since the coffee is not cheap ($14,99 for the 12oz medium roast) when compared to supermarket brands. Of course coffee drinkers will pay for quality taste and a cause, but coffee drinkers will also pay for ethics too. I’d love to see more about the curation of the beans. Coffee always seems to taste a little better when you know it is sustainable, organic, shade grown, and (or) fair trade.  FDC does care since they sourced organic beans for their Ugandan Coffee, a roast showcased in their coffee of the month club.  I would love to see more of these efforts shared and promoted through the brand.

What Else Did We Love?

Besides, the coffee and its cause… well we love the fact it is veteran owned. My Dad served in Vietnam (so essentially so did my mom) and they continue to serve their local community at the fire department. The founders of FDC both served their nation and now also served / are serving their community as firefighters too.  So a big “Thank You” to our veterans with a toast of coffee.

FDC lid baseball hat along with my lakeville tee to enjoy morning coffee

reppin’ Lakeville (t-shirt) and FDC (hat)with my morning coffee

What Else?

The Fire Dept. Coffee also offers a slew of products for both coffee and also those non-coffee drinkers. The shop offers T-shirts, quality lids (see photo), and originally designed stickers. Also a must own is their  coffee mug which contains a bottle opener on the bottom for non-coffee fun.

Finally, firefighters are my family and they also hold a special place in my heart especially after September 11th. The 9-11 Memorial serves as a reminder to us all about their bravery, service and sacrifice. So today,  I’m thrilled to see a coffee, a quality coffee, that supports firefighters in need too. I’ll certainly drink to that.

Stay enjoying coffee for a cause, Craig

Disclaimer: FDC provided me a sample coffee to review and some SWAG, but in no way has it influenced my post. As always my words and opinions are uniquely my own.

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