Murphy’s Naturals – A Product Review

Ah, sometimes nothing is better than a slight breeze at sunset enjoying the outside until the stars light the sky.  I can tell you I love watching a classic Florida Keys sunset and appreciate the beauty found in nature. But when the breeze is limited, sometimes mosquitos offer challenges and the sunset golden hour can be cut short.

a long pier at mm88 at sunset in the florida keys

enjoying a sunset

Why not work with nature? Let’s shelf  environmentally (and personally) damaging products and find natural solutions, plant based solutions.  So, this summer I tried Murphy’s Naturals, here is what I found.

What do I like?

murphy's naturals provide natural, plant based mosquito repellent

plenty of products to help us all enjoy the outdoors

Enjoy Life Outdoors is Murphy’s Naturals motto and it resonates with me. With so much focus on digital world, here is a product that doesn’t provide protection based on fears we discover through such media, but seemingly encourages you to enjoy the outdoors and of course stay adventurous.

For it is often our time outside our daily routine, our time in nature, where we find the best path for ourselves and make lasting memories.

What do I love?

The products are plant-based. No DEET. And the products are still very effective judged by the sales (an amazon best seller rating and of course my personal use. They work well. The sprays, candles, incense sticks all seems to provide deterrence to mosquitos and all of them do not contain harmful chemicals to our body or the environment.  The sprays contain 30% lemon eucalyptus oil—the only plant-based mosquito repellent recommended by the CDC (let’s hope they got this one right).

What else to know?

murphy's naturals incense sticks

the bigger incense sticks burn slower, longer

With the large size of the incense sticks (they last long), I find myself in a rationing mindset? Does tonight warrant using one of the few remaining sticks or is tonight a night for the candle? Of course the spray seems more shareable and abundant, but it is something to consider. It almost feels as if these are special occasion incense sticks. But perhaps every time we head outside with family, friends we need to realize these are special occasions.

What else do I love?

Their motto is “doing others good.” The company donates 2% of its revenue back to environmental non-profits and goodwill organizations. It also obtained “B Corp Certification,” an industry certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact collectively. The heart seems to be in the right place with its mission.

murphy's naturals products on porch with pool view

I use the products on my porch

And what I did discover using the product, is that it works. I’ve found myself enjoying a few evenings on my porch this summer using the products and avoiding mosquito bites. It’s recommended to start the incense 10 minutes prior to sitting down, but I usually start the burn once i notice the pesky buzzers, but it takes a little time.

Finally, first time buyers are always offered a discount, but now everyone is up for a 25% off labor-day sale.  I know in Florida our mosquitos only just start to really annoy us in September (and no the GMO mosquitos initiative was not a solution to reduce our population.), so it’s a good time to buy.

Stay Enjoying the Outdoors, Craig

I received a packaged of products to sample and provided a review, but as always the words and opinions are uniquely my own.


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