Sucker Punch Gourmet – A Pickle Review

As summer continues, many us kick back and relax to enjoy these slower times. We  appreciate the sun, the time off and some good cooking. We take holidays head to the beach, the mountains, and the lake or even just head home early for long weekends poolside with our grill.

But what is a summer without good summertime food? For many it can be criminal not to include pickle spears next to a sandwich and potato chips, or not to have sliced pickles on a backyard grilled cheeseburger. What about diced pickles (and juice) added to make an Aunt’s famous potato salad? Pickles are required food in American summer cuisine.

vegan BBQ jackfruit with chips and pickle

need a pickle spear with this BBQ sandwich from my vegan wine pairing

When I opened the fridge when I return home to visit my parents in the just outside  Scranton in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania I expected pickles in the refrigerator and noticed a jar of Sucker Punch pickles. I’ve seen them in my Florida supermarket too. This Illinois brand is available across many states and also for direct order via their Sucker Punch Gourmet website.  Intrigued, I received a few samples and here is what I found.

What did I Like?

Sucker punch has a great logo, a great name and a  great taste too. They go big with flavors and state a mission to be bold and change the a basic or even boring pickle market. They are about fun, and let’s face it, fun is better than no fun.

What I love?

I love the non-GMO aspect. They are not just creating flavor, but respecting nature. I believe it provides a better taste, not to mention Sucker Punch also offers a vegan Bloody Mary mix that I still need to sample. They care about the food they provide, making sure it is healthier for their consumers.

What else to know?

Suckerpunch pickles in the supermarket

supermarket sales

The market is flooded with basic pickles and Sucker Punch will ask for a premium at $7.99 for a basic jar. They are gourmet pickles. At higher costs, these may not become an everyday pickle – but perhaps once you taste one of their multiple blends – you may be hooked and learn to appreciate gourmet pickles.

What else do I love?

The juice. If asked if I ever did pickle juice shots late night my answer would be yes. I always heard pickle juice can help prevent a hang-over. They agree, or well at least market pickle juice highlighting its hydrating benefits. I’ve sampled these and can say – it worked better than a sugar drink.  I’d add these to any on-line order.

suckerpunch pickle products

pickle juice “shots” and snack size pickles

In all the spices and style do excite the world of pickles. The brand wants to provide a healthier and more flavorful option instead of an add-on that easily can be forgotten. Sucker Punch brings pickles and pickle related products to the forefront – it is up to you if you want to pay to keep them there. But if you are a fan of pickles – you’ll appreciate the mission and the product.

stay adventurous, Craig



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