An Anything But Typical First Sunset in Loreto, Mexico When Sailing through its Islands

We headed into the cove and set the anchor, this was to be home for the evening. As the sun continued its descent, the crew on board started to assemble the on-shore dinner arrangements.  A fresh seafood feast with wine awaited us on the sandy shore of Isla Carmen, one of the five islands inside Loreto Bay National Park.

coffe-reading-ABT-sailing in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

morning were time for coffee a book during the sail through the islands

Earlier that afternoon, coming straight from the airport, I boarded the ABT-Sailing 46’ Catamaran in Marina Puerto Escondido and set sail on the Sea of Cortez for an overnight adventure. The adventure took us across to a few of the 5 islands of the National Park included delicious fresh chocolate clams, snorkeling with sea lions, watching dolphins and sea turtles swim through the bay, along with time on the beautiful beaches located in this part of Mexico.

ABT sailing through the islands of Loreto in Loreto Bay National Park, Baja California Sur

Thumbs up when sailing the Islands of Loreto

After our first hours at sea, we stopped for the evening off the shores of Isla de Carmen. The beach here, far different then Playa del Carmen, offered a tranquil evening complete with dinner, drinks, and a fire all among the stars. And with a new moon (no moon in the sky) the stars illuminated the sky all night long. In fact, I found myself spending the late night (11pm to Midnight) on the catamaran trampoline laying down to look up and appreciate the night sky magic beofre heading back to sleep in my private room with a bathroom below deck.  Loreto is a pueblo magico, and this was certainly some of the magic of the region.

Travel Tip: Definitely consider booking such an adventure when the moon will not deter the magic of the night sky.  Look for a new moon on the calendar.

sunset anchored off isla carmen in the Loreto Bay National Park, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

appreciating the sunset in Loreto

But the magic started well before the constellations came into view with our single star, the sun setting behind the distinct colorful landscapes of the Baja Peninsula.  I took out my iPhone to capture the moment and also with a fellow sail boat. We were not along in this protected cove, but I certainly felt like a star – one in a million for kick starting my time in Baja California Sur in such a manner.  Yes, Loreto was Anything – But – Typical (ABT) already.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig

Special thanks to Travel Baja California Sur for hosting me during my travels to Loreto and ATMEX for facilitating my adventure as media to the region.


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