La Mision – The Sunrise Mission in Loreto, Mexico

Loreto, located on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula overlooks the Sea of Cortez. Each morning the sun provides the wake-up call the local fisherman to head out to sea and for the tourists looking to start another day of adventure in this tranquil coastal desert paradise. It is one of the many Lures of Loreto.

La Mison Loreto Hotel, located in Loreto, BCS, Mexico

the first light morning view from my balcony

the sunrise from my balcony at La Mison Loreto Hotel in Lorecto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

the sun is up

Each sunrise, it’s the chance to walk the local seaside malecon take in the beauty of the first light through the palm trees and on the water of the Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto.  This national park is another part of the magic of the “Pueblo Magico” (magic town).” .

You can catch a sunset too. For those moments it’s best to be out on the water and appreciate the moment  of the sunset sailing the islands of Loreto From the sea, visitors can appreciate the colors of the water, sky and the Sierras (mountains).

watching the sunrise at la mision loreto hotel in Loreto, BCS, Mexico

waking up to watch the sunrise in robes

For me, I took in my favorite sunrise from a third floor room at the La Mison Hotel, one the recommended places when people ask the question – where to stay in Loreto Mexico? Pouring the bottle of water into the in-room coffee makers, I created the aroma and the beverage of choice to start my day. I headed out to the balcony to sit and journal and realized I was not alone seeking to appreciate the moment. I simply wrote down a quick appreciation of the beauty and the adventures available in this part of Baja.

The lure of Loreto is strong from sunrise to sunset. I’ll l be back.

Happy Sunrise and Sunset Sunday, Craig


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    • craig zabransky

      Having a driver in locally in Loreto helped make my trip. i had no fear, and loved every minute of my adventures. Much is discussed in the podcast, give it a listen to learn more. Stay Loving Loreto, Craig

  • william b kaliher

    some great photos and info–thanks

    • craig zabransky

      you are always welcome gringo, thanks for coming along for the ride, stay loving Loreto, Craig