Travel Pillow Review – The J-Pillow

Travel can be challenging. The reward is certainly worth any discomfort, but as travel providers continue to focus on prices often with comfort as an expense, we need to determine the right ways to spend our extra travel dollars to ensure a comfortable ride.

The Travel Pillow

j-pillow attached to carry-on suitcase ready for air travel

ready to head to the airport

There was a time when planes offered blankets and pillows to passengers for free (personally, I have not seen any outside of business class for years), but can probably assume those days are history are nearing the end. Basically, if you need or want a pillow for a flight you need to buy it and bring it.

I love my travel pillow from happy luxe, it is perfect for getting solid Zs or quality rest on a plane, train (I always use it on Amtrak Auto Train), and / or bus, but it is big, bulky, and remains a challenge to be part of any travel carry-on. And with today’s tight size and space restrictions and fees for checked baggage coupled with adventurous itineraries, proper packing is key.  I often found myself leaving the pillow behind and I had no other solution until J-pillow.

the J-Pillow

The simple, one size, pillow shaped like a J, is my new travel pillow.

What I like

J-pillow and carrying case

J-pillow and carrying case

The size. This affortable compact travel pillow can be tied to the back of a backpack or any carry-on and squeezed into a small bag (included.)  It is small enough never to be a concern when determining the essentials for the carry-on yet remains supportive when placing around your neck in one of two ways always providing support for your face and neck.

Filled with polyester filling, similar to a stuffed animal, it is comfortable and cozy. Never worry about cleanliness either, the entire pillow is machine washable.

What I love

J-pillow being used on airplane sleeping

getting ready to sleep on a flight with my J-pillow

It works. I can get to sleep on a plane, and even fall asleep in the middle seat if I recline slightly and use my arms as support. I used a few times on recent flights and even a long bus ride in Alaska. Chances are if you seen me on the road, I’ll be with my J-Pillow.

What Else to Know

Don’t expect to wear both earphones when traveling. Of course we like to listen to music or watch video, but you’ll probably only be able to use one side. Apparently glass frames will also be an issue, but who sleeps with earphones or glasses on?

Definitely check out the product via its website , although it seems the best prices can be found through Amazon, but make sure it comes with the travel bag.

Stay Traveling in Comfort, Craig

As an avid traveler I was offered a J-Pillow to sample and review and as always the words and opinions are my own.

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