SEEN at Sunset – Lisbon’s Sunset Sunday

The European capital city of Lisbon offers a multitude of options for anyone chasing the sunset. The city of seven hills offers panoramic views and vistas from many parts of the city along with incredible light. The question is not whether one can take in a sunset, but rather where to enjoy the sunset in Lisbon.

When a consulting colleague recently connected with me on LinkedIn with knowledge of Portugal I asked for advice on the city. She recommended a drink atop the roof top bar at Tivoli on one of the city’s grand avenues, the Avenida da Liberdade. It clicked – perfect for a sunset cocktail and my stay luxurious fix.

craft cocktail Tivoli Roof top SEEN lisbon, portugal

Decided on a Gin Cocktail with eldelower . Love the displace and the ice. 


The rooftop offers a restaurant SEEN with a cocktail bar, next to a more spacious Sky Bar. Both provide views of St George’s Castle in the distance and city views down to the Tagus River from the 9th floor. In a city dearth of skyscrapers this is nearly as high as it gets.

With the decision made one evening not to stumble on to the sunset hour in Lisbon, but actually schedule time to appreciate it, I decided to walk over to the Tivoli Hotel. Unfortunately, even on weekday, I was not alone in my thinking. Limited outside seating meant I would need to stand on the veranda to appreciate the view.  Too late?  I realized this is not a place to come at sunset, but rather it’s best to arrive in the late afternoon for cocktails and conversation and allow time to pass into the sunset hour.  The bar tender eventually offered me the same advice.

With no seat, I headed back inside to order one of the famous crafted cocktails and watch the seen unfold from the spacious square inside bar. Of course, I did meander a bit outside in the fresh air with my iPhone to capture an image or two. My covert photography efforts disguised to blend in allowed for me to nod in agreement with some locals as we watched a loud group of UK tourists snapping multiple Instagram selfies. It made me laugh a little inside too, in Lisbon it’s not the obnoxious American tourist at all, but rather one of Portugal’s oldest allies – the British who potentially provoke such sentiment.


susnet view at Tivoli Avenida


From the Sunset Sunday series, you already know not all sunsets are better in flip-flops on the beach.  Sometimes the views of cityscape, castles or distant rivers inspire too. And in Lisbon, the golden hour never disappointed, but definitely consider (the chance to be) SEEN to appreciate the sunset. Also, it gives you a chance to nod with the locals or take selfies with the British.

Happy Sunset Sunday,

Stay Luxurious, Craig

Travel Tip:

At 11 to 15 each, the cocktails are not cheap per se, but these specialty craft cocktails are made to order with much flare. Spending time sitting at the big inside bar provides entertainment, and the English speaking bartenders can offer advice on cocktails, the SEEN menu and the entire city of Lisbon.







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  • Maggie Mistal

    Great views! Love that they do nice drinks too. I will have to check this place out the next time I’m in Lisbon.

    • craig zabransky

      there are so many places with amazing views in Lisbon, but this one is certainly a little posh…. a place to be “seen” for sure. Worth a visit and a cocktail. Stay Returning to Lisbon, Craig

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