Down Under For the Sunset in Bunbury, Australia

Australia is a country filled with fantastic views and stunning landscapes that will take your breath away along with beautiful coastal beaches from Queensland to Western Australia. If you are looking to pick the ideal way to spend your vacation, how about hunting for sunsets?

If you ask us, one of the best sunsets is in Bunbury in the western part of Australia.

bunvbury sunset in western australia

Bunbury Sunset by Graham Green Click (image) to see his work.

Make Time to Enjoy Sunsets Down Under

We will all agree that sunsets give a pleasant view, but you may be wondering why some people enjoy them that much.  There are plenty of reasons; it’s healthy, romantic, relaxing, and provides the chance to spend time outdoors.  And in Australia you can do all those in a single sunset moment.

So, are you ready to look for the most attractive sunset in Australia? In that case, it is time to prepare your FJ Cruiser roof rack and pack all the things you need. Type Bunbury as the next destination in your GPS map, and you will be on your way to glorious views!

What Makes Bunbury a Great Choice for Sunsets?

They say that the primary requirement for a good sunset is to find a beautiful seaside town. Bunbury fulfills that condition, and its location is convenient. It is less than a two-hour drive from Perth, and it is the third biggest city in Western Australia.

If you are a sunset fan, just like me, you should visit Bunbury because you have several amazing locations to enjoy sunsets. Here is an overview of our favorite places to watch the sun setting in the city.

Bunbury Lighthouse

bunbury lighthouse at sunset in western australia

sunset colors at the lighthouse. Source: (click image)


The primary purpose of a lighthouse is to provide navigational assistance to ships passing through. These structures are tall by default so that the ships can notice them, and they emit light to be easily noticed.

It is the perfect place to relax while watching the Sun fall out of sight. You will feel incredible calmness and tranquility whether you are alone or with somebody. And if you brought your love partner with you, it will be the perfect romantic moment, and the ideal opportunity to bond together while sharing a breathtaking view.

Not only the lighthouse is a sight worth seeing, but it provides amazing panoramic views of the ocean and the city. It is one of the best lookouts you can find in the area – it provides the necessary elevation, and the dolphins you can notice in the distance only improve the view.

Marlston Hill Lookout

marlston hill lookout, bunbury western australia

View from the lookout. Source: (click photo)

It is not far away from the lighthouse, and many would argue that it offers an even better view. If you are looking for a bird’s eye view of the city and the ocean next to it, Marlston Hill Lookout should be on your must-visit list.

The lookout is ideal as it offers the perfect mixture of a sunset view combined with the feeling like you are flying over the city. The phenomenal colors, and the fact that the day is ending may get you thinking. But even if you do not have philosophical tendencies, it is still a beautiful place to stop and smell the roses, and realize that you should enjoy life more.

Koombana Bay or Hungry Hollow Beach

Bunbury sunset, Koombana Bay, Hollow Beach, Western Australia

source: Click (Image)

Who says that you need a place high above the ground to enjoy watching the sunset? An amazing alternative can be heading to the beach, and appreciate the view while you are walking with your partner, friends, or family.

Koombana Bay gives a stunning view, but you can also consider visiting the Hungry Hollow Beach. Back Beach can also be a phenomenal place to visit if you love seeing big waves crashing the rocks in front of you.

The sunset at the beaches in Bunbury can be both relaxing and motivational. Many artists come here for inspiration. It is watching the Sun here that inspired many great Australian painters, and book authors find it a soothing place ideal to think about topics for future novels.

More to do in Bunbury, Western Australia

Of course down under, there is plenty to do, and many Australian Festivals to attend, but you can do plenty of things in Bunbury while waiting for the sunset too. In fact, spend the day cruising the town in Honda Africa Twin head from the Farmer’s Market to Victoria Street a place lined with shops and cafes and also spend time at the Museum Heritage Center and the Regional Art Gallery. The bottom line Bunbury is a beautiful city that offers plenty of exciting locations to witness the sunset and numerous other attractions to visit too.  Whether you have a weekend off or want to spend more time in this city, you will have a memorable experience, and a fantastic sunset.

-Rebecca Siggers

Author Bio –

Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends and takes interest in penning down her view. She likes to write about travel, food and beverages, particularly wine which always pairs well with a sunset.

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