Something New – One Sustainable Way to Take the Stress out of Packing with prAna

Packing for an adventure can be stressful for some, yet for others it can be an enjoyable experience. Yes, it is true, we can actually enjoy packing for an adventure. It’s all about using the proper mindset and maybe a little “life force” can help.

unpacking on the Norwegian Bliss my new prAna attire

unpacking my new clothes

My lessons on packing started early in life. My childhood consisted of an annual vacation which translated to not just the need to pack and plan, but also time to shop. Yes, forget back to school shopping for me, I normally hit the stores for summertime pre-vacation shopping.  New clothing items were a staple on any trip.

Today with my travels, I don’t often shop prior to each trip, but I do keep normally keep to this concept. And besides packing my favorites, such as my Stay Adventurous T-shirt, my Argentine boots, and a few other staples, I do tend to try to add a new item to wear on each new adventure, especially on a cruise.

Packing for a Cruise

The Norwegian Getaway, a ship I took in November of 2017

The Norwegian Getaway, a ship I took in November of 2017

There is no better time to over pack then when sailing on a cruise. With so many activities, excursions, and dining options it is easy to fill a suitcase. Plus living in driving distance to the cruise port, I embrace the excess of a cruise. A big(ger) suitcase is not a really a bigger bother or cost prohibitive as it is with flights. So on my most recent sailing, a two night cruise to “no where” on the NCL Flagship the Norwegian Bliss, I packed plenty. And my suitcase also included a new outfit to wear one evening for dinner and a sunset at sea.

The main day at sea, I spent the morning in the hot-tub and water slides (one outfit) the afternoon filled with competitive Go-Kart Racing (a second outfit) I headed back to the room for a change for the early dinner. It was the perfect moment for the new prAna short sleeve organic cotton button down and relaxed fit pants made from hemp. Comfortable, stylish and also sustainable, the outfit became perfect attire for the tropical evening of freedom at sea on Norwegian.

on the balcony of the Norwegian Bliss I style in PrAna Yoga wear

styling in my PrAna wear on the balcony of the Norwegian Bliss


For this trip, I realized it wasn’t just about obtaining the proper mindset to pack, but also having the right clothes for the right occasion.  Plus, with “prana”, translating in hindu to “life force” or “life energy of the universe” I knew I was on the right path.

Well, how about you, do you over-pack on a cruise or perhaps always? Or do you pack something new and exciting for a new adventure too? Let me know.

Stay Packing Properly, Craig

Special thank you to prAna clothing for providing the opportunity to sample their clothing. I know the first two items will not be my last.  Also, it is important to note prAna uses 100% organic cotton and implements a lot of fair trade and sustainability values. And yes, prAna also has a complete line of women’s attire including accessories. Visit the site and enjoy a 15% using code TRCZS18 here > prAna

PrAna provided me the clothing items to sample and enjoy on my travel. The words and opinions are my own, but the discount is for you.


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