Take a Summer Road Trip in Canada through the Maritimes

Although it may not feel like it, summer is nearly here. And now with the arrival of the warmer weather, there’s nothing better than planning a road trip. Canada, a huge country with tons to see, offers plenty of road trip itinearies with one of its best – a trip to the “Maritimes.” With three great provinces close together, getting there is a fun getaway with lots of scenery to enjoy. The best thing about the Maritimes is that they are totally family-friendly, allowing your itinerary to include kids.

Depending on where home is, some people prefer to drive all the way to the Maritimes, while others fly in and then rent a car from there. Once you get there, however, road tripping once out east is the best way to go. It’s affordable, lets you take in the scenery and explore a ton of different destinations. So set your own pace with your Ford Transit Connect and enjoy the best of each province as you make your way up the coast.

Here are some suggestions on where to go and what to do:

New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks-New Brunswick, Maritimes, Canada

New Brunswick – Canada

Standing proud with bilingual, the heritage of this place is quite fascinating as Acadians are mixed in with American Revolutionists. New Brunswick has a long and interesting history.

Take a drive along the world’s longest covered bridge, the Hartland Bridge, spanning 391 meters. Once you leave Hwy 2, you can make your way to St Andrews by-the-sea. This is one of the oldest and quaintest towns in the Maritimes. Full of New England charm, this town is filled with historic homes dating back to 1793. Also known as Canada’s first seaside resort, visitors can easily find loads of B&Bs, restaurants, and shops.

Don’t miss the famous Bay of Fundy, where you will see some of the world’s largest tides (coming in at 16 metres!). In the summer, you might be lucky to catch a glimpse of the Humpback, Minke, Finback, and Right whales that nest here. The Hopewell Rocks are a sight to see as well. When the tide is low, you can walk right out to the ocean floor and meander amongst the red rock formations. When the tide is high, the entire area will be filled with water and big, crashing waves.

Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge to PEI in Maritimes of Canada

The landmark Confederation Bridge leading toward Prince Edward Island, Canada

Also known as PEI, this is Canada’s smallest province, a little island in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. Though little, PEI is full of culture, history, and sights, and has the honour of being the “birthplace of Confederation”. A treat for the kids, and for yourself, is a ride along the Confederation Bridge, which joins New Brunswick to PEI. This bridge spans 12.9 km, making it the longest bridge in the world!

Cavendish Shores is a great place to start. With water bearable for swimming, red sand beaches, and walking trails, this little spot is perfect for a summer day.

Anne of Green Gables is a national and provincial treasure, with the story originating from PEI. Watching the mini-series will help you deepen your understanding of the area so a family can get the full experience. You can visit the Green Gables Homestead, as well as watch the musical at the Charlottetown Festival. Don’t forget to try some Cow’s Ice Cream while here and test out the magnetic hill!

Nova Scotia

Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the Maritimes of Canada

An aerial view of Citadel Hill located in the downtown core of Halifax. Taken from an altitude of 500′.

One of the most visited provinces in the east is Nova Scotia. Halifax is abuzz with culture, history and restaurants, not to mention universities. Some noteworthy things to do here are walk the boardwalk, take a boat cruise, and visit the historic Farmer’s Market in Brewery Square.

With Halifax being one of the world’s largest natural harbours, there’s a lot to see, especially the view from the Citadel.

For the history and art buffs, a visit to the Canadian Museum of Immigration, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and Maritime Museum of the Atlantic are all exceptionally interesting.

The Lighthouse Route includes 20 lighthouses on a winding road. The famous Peggy’s Cove is a quaint fishing village and one of the most photographed places in the entire province. Lunenberg is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a longstanding and proud seafaring history. Home to the Bluenose II, this town is the epitome of Maritime charm.

Road tripping to the east of Canada is a vacation you won’t soon forget. With the Atlantic to one side and towns full of culture and history to the other side. A summer seaside rendezvous through the Maritimes beckons for a road trip.

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