Sunset Sunday 2016 Recap Video; 2017 Outlook

No doubt the Sunset Sunday series visited plenty of amazing places in 2016. From the mountains of North Korea to the waterways inside Tuscany, the plains of Montana to the lowlands of South Carolina the series again demonstrated how a universally shared event is different across the world. Each day the sunset is something we all can  appreciate.

In 2016, I also posted plenty of sunset images from my hometown Islamorada on my @StayAdventurous instagram account. Relocating to a splendid sunset location means I spend plenty of evenings watching and enjoying the splendor and surprise in Florida Keys sunset moments.

In fact all the sunsets in this post (including the thumbnail for the video) were taken from my same local “beach.” See how different they all are.

the sunset in islamorada, florida, a classic Florida Keys Sunset

The pier at sunset in Islamorada

2017 Sunset Sunday Series

The series will continue into the new year and I expect to be more active, almost a revival of the sluggish series and push the total number well over 300 since its inception and first post in 2010.

sunset from Islamorada, Florida, a classic upper Florida Keys Sunset

The sun still shining gold in Islamorada

Additionally, my focus will be to continue to complete the Sunset Sunday map with the help from sunset guest posts.  So enjoy the Islamorada sunset images and also those from around the world in 2016 and prepare for an amazing year of sunsets on Sunday.

sunset from islamorada, florida, a classic florida keys sunset

A colorful Islamorada Sunset

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig


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