A Glimpse of Beaufort, South Carolina at Sunset

I excused myself from a delightful dinner at the Saltus River Grill on the waterfront for a moment to walk to the water’s edge and catch a glimpse of the sunset in Beaufort, South Carolina.

sunset in beaufort, south carolina

Just a Glimpse of the Sunset

A glimpse is exactly what I did see. And a glimpse is what one discovers on a first visit with a short time Beaufort. From drinking cocktails on the porch of my historic and Select Inn bed and breakfast the Anchorage 1770, to wine at dinner on the waterfront with locals I listened and learned about the town and its “celebrities.” The charming South Carolina seaside destination definitely holds a magic, and more importantly a mystique. It’s something to discover not on a single night or even a first trip, but with aide of time.


the porch at Anchorage 1770


the roof deck view at Anchorage 1770

After the night, it was a visit to the beach and then back on the road. Attracted to the town, I expect to return and discover more. On the next visit, I also expect to see another sunset sky. Maybe she’ll show me more than a glimpse too.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig

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