The Shenandoah Skyline Sunset

The Shenandoah Skyline is inside an American National Park. I discovered it is a must see and drive. I also discovered another sunset that called my name.

the Shenandoah Sunset at the Skyline

the sunset at the restaurant at the Skyline Resort inside Shenandoah National Park

Perhaps as a New Yorker it was the skyline, or maybe the fact that I am “road tripping” America and needed to stop to see the splendor of America’s Best Idea it’s National Parks.

I wanted to see different parks this summer as it is the 20 year anniversary of my trip across America, but I am enjoying the change of plans and the trip to the United States most southern county (Monroe). I am “road tripping” through the south en route to the Florida Keys.

After dinner inside Shenandoah National Park and the moment to take in the above  image, I returned to the Craigin, ( yes, they placed me in the Craigin) and I watched the rest of the sunset. A long colorful sunset made for a lovely evening. Not much to do, but enjoy the view. Yes, that’s my type of skyline.

the sunset view from the Craigin at the Skyline Resort in Shenandoah National Park

Sunset from Craigin inside Skyline Resort

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Follow my road trip on twitter, vine, instagram, I am using the hashtag #StayAmerica among others.  Today, I am in North Carolina making my way to Savannah, Georgia next.



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