One Month with the New Dell XPS Notebook

After over a month of using the new Dell XPS, I learned a few things. Sure, I struggled returning to the <Ctrl> “C” for ‘copy’ instead of the closer <Command> “C” using a PC, but I also discovered it was worth it.  My Dell XPS will now accompany me on the road and in my travels and here is why?

At sunrise, starting the workday in the florida keys with coffee and the dell xps

sunrise, coffee, and the Dell XPS on the road

Strong, Slim, and Sexy.

It is slim, yet sturdy, and certainly a looker. Yes, people have asked me what new laptop I am using, the sign of a sleek design. And let’s face it people do judge you on your equipment, so it’s nice to look good in business settings.

Also the sturdy build will help on the road from those TSA checks when you take the notebook out to finding room securing it those hotel room safes. The solid frame will enable it to withstand a few (and inevitable) bumps and bruises. Plus with its smaller compact size, it even fits into smaller safes often designed well before notebook became so vital for business (or leisure) travel.

stuffing a notebook into a safe

The Dell XPS 13 Notebook fits in this safe

It’s so clear you want to touch it

The screen is crystal clear, with an infinity display that includes 5.7 million pixels Translation – it’s gorgeous and impresses to the point I need to showcase my travel photography on this screen. Plus, I am now addicted to using the touch screen. When I return to my Apple laptop, I find myself really missing the touch screen functionality.

The Dell XPS Ultrabook with 5th Generation Intel opened for business breakfast at La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

Dell XPS getting ready for a business breakfast at La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

Long Live the Dell XPS

With an insane battery life of 13+ hours, I’ve never come close to testing it limits; it is perfect for the road. Imagine a full day working on location and no worries about finding an outlet. Nice, right? It is also perfect for long flights where I can use the laptop to work (or play too).


outside on the water with my Dell XPS, no plug needed

Love an office setting even with no outlet, don't worry it is no plug, no problem

What did I miss, what might I change?

My biggest miss was a DVD player. With such an amazing battery, watching a few movies on the plane or when traveling would be great. Sure, I could stream or download, but sometime I still use the “old fashion” DVD such as the one from my Skydiving adventure. I know I can work around it with planning and loading my new notebook, but I didn’t this first month.

Conclusion, Owning the Dell XPS Ultrabook

I was told this product would impress and be a true game changer. Well, I have changed what I pack for the road.  As a freelancer and a traveler I now have a new fixture, the Dell XPS that will replace my Apple on the road.

using my Dell instead of my Apple for podcast work

the new Stay adventurous podcast on the Dell XPS

Will I still use my Apple products? – Yes, I will still use my MacBook Pro, especially when not traveling. But I discovered I may even use the Dell XPS for my new Stay Adventurous Podcast too.  So, today I find myself with one foot back in the Microsoft world and  I wonder where it will go from here, only time will tell.

Stay adventurous, Craig

All the Dell XPS social chatter will be at #XPS and for specifically mine, I’ll also use #StayXPS. As a disclaimer, I received the Dell XPS to review and introduce to my audience, but as always my words and my opinions remain uniquely mine. To see the product details and cost, visit the Dell XPS product page.

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