the Five-Photos from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Cherry Blossom in Peak Bloom

I crossed the river and didn’t head to the airport. Yes, this spring I made the trek to Brooklyn and visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I made the journey with the idea to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, but I discovered more. These are the five photos from my trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (BBG).

The BBG Entrance

the entrance to the brooklyn botanical gardenI walked out of the subway station and instantly noticed the impressive Brooklyn Museum; I moved towards it and  followed the signs to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden entrance, but after strolling the gardens all afternoon I exited at this (photographed) entrance and laughed. It was just steps from the same subway entrance for the #2 train and the Eastern Parkway – Brooklyn Museum stop (not the five minute walk I had taken earlier in the day).

Entrance to the garden grounds is $10 for an adult, $5 for senior and students, and kids under 12 are free.

Cherry Blossom – Peak Bloom

cherry blossom in full bloom at the brooklyn botanical garden

a wonderful path among beauty

I read in a New York City guidebook that the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the US (outside of Washington DC) is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Who knew? Not me, but since another year passed and I didn’t make it to see the display in DC – I decided to cross the river and catch them in Brooklyn durin peak bloom, and I am so glad I did.

I walked among each of the parallel lines of trees, twice and I even spent time on the lawn just enjoying spring. Although it wasn’t too crowded, I noticed everyone from romancing couples, families, to a professional modeling shoot.

 Travel Tip: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden keeps its website updated every weekday regarding the bloom. It can help plan your visit; it’s still peak bloom.

 Two Tulips

tulips at the brooklyn botanical garden

a unique tulip

The garden had an amazing display of tulips planted flanking one of the main promenades. Tulips of all colors, shapes and sizes. I’ll admit, with so many people around the flowers, I almost thought I had stumbled upon a flower sale, but nope, it was just visitors getting extremely close to capture the ideal image of a tulip.  I captured a few myself, including this one.

Stay on (the) Path

a message from the brooklyn botanical garden

message received

On my walk around the Zen Japanese Hill and Pond Garden I noticed this simple sign; Please “Stay on Path.” Although one of my adventurous thrill seeker friends commented, “Never!” regarding my Facebook post about it, for me the message was different. The message was a reminder to keep following my dreams and passions. To stay on path.

Cranford Rose Garden

the cranford rose garden brooklyn botanical garden

I’ll be back when the roses bloom

An enormous rose garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, was located right next to the main cherry blossom “field” and both can be viewed from the overlook inside the garden grounds. I took this picture of the vista.

Once the roses are in bloom I’ll make another trip to Brooklyn to walk among them too.  After all, one must stop to smell the roses from time-to-time.

Adventure Travel Mindset Tip:

Nature heals. Talking with a CEO who decided to step down, I listened as he didn’t describe his job with passion, but rather his love of nature. He explained to me how the body reacts differently after just one hour in nature. We calm down, we relax, and we connect. I agree. We are all part of nature, not separate from it.

The trip to Brooklyn, one I rarely make, came at the perfect time. Not just because of the cherry blossom season in full bloom, but also because I needed to reconnect with nature. It is something we often do on our travels, but rarely in our normal week. So I took Friday to visit (and avoided the weekend crowd). I reconnected, I healed, and I even received a message too – to stay adventurous, but also to “stay on (the) path.” Craig

This is part of the second installment of the adventurous travel mindset series.  And this time, all photos for “the five” post were taken with my iPhone 5.

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  • Charu Suri

    Holy Cow…I’ve always wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens but these are STUNNING reasons. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Charu, definitely make the trip, both the Brooklyn and the one in the Bronx are worth the visit… stay inspired, Craig