The Sunset Sunday Series Map is Live

the sunset sunday series interactive map

all the blue pins are a sunset post

Each and every, well almost every Sunday for the last two years I published a Sunset image and story here on Stay Adventurous. I shared moments from all over the globe and six continents. Yes, certainly some places such as Mexico, the Florida Keys or even Southern Africa have seen more than there share, but frankly it has been warranted by their beauty (and my travel schedule; see full list of sunsets by continent ).

And even after a 100 plus posts, and even more sunsets, I still simply love it. I just marvel how it is such a shared experience and yet a personal one. I appreciate how we all can take the moment to connect to world. It reminds me often of the bigger picture and how small our issues of the day actually were. Yes, I believe if we just allowed ourselves a chance to pause each day for a few minutes and enjoy the majesty and miracle of a sunset the world would be a better place.

stay adventurous sunset map on screen

the map is no longer private, click on a blue pin and see the image pop-up; click to read story

Through the years, I’ve kept a list of each and every sunset posted. I have a calendar and also and archive list from each year, (2010, 2011, 2012). And sometimes I’ve even provided mid year and annual summaries detailing the diversity of the destinations.  In the posts, I detailed the statistics about how many moments come from watching our “star” of the show set over water (ocean sunsets, lakes, and rivers) or on city streets, deserts, etc..  I gave you insight to who I shared the moment with and why it was special to me.

sunset headshot for Craig ZabranskyBut I wanted to see a picture of all the sunsets, I always wanted a map. So I added something new; the Sunset Map. The map details all the past 100+ Sunset Sunday locations and is interactive so you can view then all too. Just click on a blue pin and see the photo and then click again to read the moment.

And you’ll notice some barren places on the map too. Well that just gives me places to go for my next adventures.

Happy Sunset Sunday and enjoy looking at the Sunset Sunday Series Map.

stay adventurous, Craig


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  • Mary J McCoy-Dressel

    I clicked on the Chicago pin because it’s in my region. I have the sunrise picture in Chicago to go with your sunset. LOL

  • Ali

    I love maps and I love sunsets. Great combo, Craig!

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