A Lesson Learned Shooting Clay on a Road Trip

dhani jones clay shooting ahserville, nc

Dhani Jones takes aim at the Clay in Asherville, NC

Few words or phrases bring a smile to a man like the words, “road trip.” It’s the American dream, well it is for someone who likes travel and hungers for adventure. And whether its route 66, the Eisenhower Interstate System or back roads and rural routes, adventures await on the open road.

I took a two month road trip. After college, I decided to drive cross-country and spend my summer exploring America. I wanted to know the USA and I discovered I learned not just about my country, but also about myself. To me, that defines a successful road trip. Well, that and a good time too.

Of course, I am always planning the next one across America, but until then, I enjoy encouraging and watching others take the plunge. And earlier this week I discovered a video series on Men’s Journal about Dhani Jones traveling from Brooklyn to Birmingham. But it’s never just about the destinations. No, it is about the lessons of life on the journey itself.


Lesson Learned.
OK, no doubt he looks good driving the Porsche, who wouldn’t? And kudos to him for not just staying adventurous, but also staying luxurious. However it is the lesson learned shooting clay in Asheville, NC as the reason why I posted the video. It was subtle, yes, but so powerful too.

As he takes aim, the instructor tells him to engage intuitively and to focus on the clay. He tells him not to think. He needs to let go of thinking, only then he will achieve success. Yes.

Sometimes in life that is exactly what is needed, to stop thinking about it, but just become an extension of it. To be it. Good job Dhani, way to showcase that and way to hit the target. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

Stay luxurious, Craig

I can really see myself with such a series someday, especially if I get to test drive a Porsche. But until then, you can entertain yourself with the seven episodes in this series at the Spirited Escape are on the Men’s Journal site.

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