The Tropical Garden Brunch Adventure

sometimes two at a time

Sometimes the setting makes the meal. Sometimes, it’s the views, and other times it’s the mission of a place that can make every bite taste a tad better. At the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, an exquisite brunch with an outside garden view made for a perfect Easter Sunday meal.

Sunday brunch, buffet style, included unlimited bubbly and provided a wonderful spread of both breakfast and lunch options. The admission ticket also included a donation to the garden, live Jazz and a chance to spend a picture-perfect afternoon in a different Miami.

a full plate. yum.

I indulged in two trips to the buffet; once for breakfast favorites and the other for lunch favorites – I lost count on the servings of champagne.

But it is not the meal you come for. No, you come to tour the grounds. Whether you wander the high and low lands of the tropical garden or take the one hour tram ride (or both), you certainly leave inspired, educated and enlightened.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Mission

The mission of the garden is “to save tropical plant diversity by exploring, explaining and conserving the world of tropical plants” and they believe that “fundamental to this task is inspiring a greater knowledge and love for plants and gardening so that all can enjoy the beauty and bounty of the tropical world.” They accomplish this mission.

the postcard view…

Members and guests can always talk with knowledgeable volunteers and experts in horticulture. On a tour you’ll find species from South East Asia, Africa, and some removed from Haiti before their extinction. You see the beautiful and the rare. Visitors also take in aesthetic art displays and exhibits. Time here is truly well spent.

the tram ride….

Tip: When visiting Miami, definitely check out the “high tea” options available each season at the park. It’s a great way to support the park, gain access to tour the grounds, and also enjoy some high tea.

think BIG

The Travel Mindset Change: Brunch, Jazz, and a tram ride through garden grounds is an adventure in my book. Something to enjoy and something to change your mood and outlook on the day. But I left with a bigger change. Yes, sometimes an exhibit leaves its mark. One piece seems to hold a specific message for you.

The sculpture titled, “Think Big” helped catapult my thoughts from the trivial to a greater plane.  Sometimes we find reminders in life and I received one on the tour. And I needed it.

So on a holiday brunch in Miami, what I thought would be a relaxing day, I shifted. Yes, from a seemingly simple adventure, I am thinking bigger today. Messages await all of us, when we chose to listen.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of the Culture Thru Cuisine Series and is the fourth of five posts on Miami.

Also the first of nine posts for the Adventure Mindset  Special Series.

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