A Gift from God, Lunch in the South African Winelands

Fact: Any visit to Cape Town is not complete with out a trip to the Winelands of South Africa. Just an hour outside the city, you need to add them to your ‘must see’ list if (no when) you visit  Cape Town.

The majestic scenery, incredible micro-climates, and the tastings all make it a must. Clean, crisp Chenin Blanc or the original palette pleasing Pinotage (a grape created in South Africa) delight any novice (or pro) connoisseur.

Plus, the sticker price shock (in a good way) makes you decide to drink wine as often as possible. Often by the bottle, not the glass. It’s very reasonable. In fact, sometimes tours to even set up their own wine tastings.

Some of my favorite vineyards included the tastings at Mooiplaas and Amani of Stellenbosch, but the lunch a Dieu Donne, the lunch with a view was truly the gift from God. Yes, both literally and figuratively. Dieu Donne located in Franschhoek, South Africa. translates from French into“A gift from God.” Lunch there was exactly that.

the vineyard view

lunch was served...

the view, truly god's gift.

dessert is always a must...

Tip: When comparing wines from across regions and countries, never only equate price with quality. I tasted many South African wines with under $15 retail in the US that amazed. So if you ever pick a wine by price (many often do) select a South African and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Stay Adventurous,

This is fourth installment of the Culture Through Cuisine Series and the third of  five posts on Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, this post is part of the All Africa All April (Almost)

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