Photo: El Angel de la Independencia

The view from the hotel suite where I spent many of my nights when I called Mexico City home faced the “Paseo de la Reforma,” the main artery of the city.  And although the traffic caused headaches and at time heartaches to the me along with the other 20+ million that call DF home, in the center of the street stood an angel.

the Angel of Independence, el angel de la independencia, on paseo la reforma in Mexico City

the angel of independence….

The Angel of Independence. A statue rising to the sky representing the independence of nation. Mexico. So on today (not “Cinco de Mayo“), the first day after the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence – I decided to share that view. Enjoy.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Day 13 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute.

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  • Pamela

    Did you climb the Angel?
    The view from the top is amazing! :) It truly is a beautiful city.

    • stayadventurous

      Unfortunately, no. Definitely a reason to return (if I really needed another one) Actually, when I was there it was closed (porque de Obrador) and the only open at certain times, not normally conducive to my schedule. I never made it, but I will.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • jim van matre


    • craig zabransky

      she is indeed a beauty. stay shinning bright, Craig