The Los Cabos Super Bowl Fiesta

As we approach the Super Bowl Sunday I am reminded of last year and my Mexican Fiesta. After leaving a vacation ownership pitch (the time share pitch) I exited on the beach side and walked down towards Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

the pregame

I arrived to a megaphone frenzy. Shots, dancing, and a dating game dominated a make shift stage. The party began and I ordered my first beer.

I started conversing with a few fellow gringos, and met my new friend from Oklahoma. As table reservations starting moving crowds for positions by TVs, we seemed to be with out a place until he said he reserved a table for two.

The Calm, Clear Waters of Los Cabos' Medano Beach

When asked for the name, he mumbled something. The staff inched closer and checked the clipboard. He leaned over and pointed to a name for two and sounded off that name. It worked.

mi amigo

Impressed, I immediately ordered a bucket of beers. We settled in. He told me stories of all his travels to Los Cabos through the years. The stories you want to chronicle and write a best selling novel. But unfortunately our marathon session earsed most of the details although we seemed fresh and ready to create a new story. Well, until he disappeared. (But that’s another story)

Any how, what I do remember was a few tequilas, delicious fish tacos and some buckets of Dos Equiois.  Also, apparently the Saints won the Superbowl. My party might not be the same this year, but I’ll always cherish my time at the beach front bars of Medano Beach, Los Cabos.

stay adventuorus, Craig

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