Three Must Dos in Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia, a tropical destination, always intrigued but its distance can be an obstacle for someone located on the other side of the world. Then as good fortune prevailed I suddenly had tickets to experience the sensations of Singapore through Singapore Air and I decided to research tourism in Malaysia and make a hotel booking for Langkawi.


Actually, I made a stop at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang too, but it was the resort island of Langkawi where I decided to spend the most days including the celebration of my birthday. On the resort paradise I made sure I took in some of the local attractions and can recommend a few things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia.

The Langkawi Cable Car

the cable car in Langkawi, Malaysia

views from the platforms after the cable car in langkawi, malaysia

Just a fifteen-minute ride to the top of mount Mat Cincang in a cable car offers visitors the chance to see panoramic views of the mountains, lush jungles, islets, and the Andaman Sea. The cars load inside a (duty free) shopping area and travel fast up the steep mountainside giving you an unexpected thrill ride prior to walking the multilevel circular platforms providing 360 degree views.

On the way up you can also spot the Sky Bridge a place where one can also test the senses with a walk across the glass bottom pathway. Access was not available when I visited as it was closed for the day, but it remains on the top of my Langkawi to-do list for my return visit.

view of sky bridge from the cable car in langkawi, malaysia

Also, the platforms famous for its sunsets showcase a spectacular view or visitors can leave and head to local beaches to witness a Langkawi sunset with toes in the sand and some places even with a cocktail in hand. I chose the latter myself.

Langkawi Lobster

Travel is always an opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture. One of my favorite ways when traveling is exploring or tasting the culture through its cuisine. Malaysia is certainly a land of unique cuisine and the islands of Langkawi are no exception.

langkawi lobster, green lobster found in Andaman Sea bordering Malaysia and Thailand

My first wow moment was the simple introduction to the local bread Roti. They say man can’t live on bread alone, but if I had to, I would choose Roti bread from Langkawi. And although I still order it whenever I eat in US based ethnic restaurants from this region none matched the freshness and made to order deliciousness I consistently found on the Malaysian island.

Another must order is the Langkawi Lobster. This colossal prawn may not be an official lobster, but the taste and size make it special and worthy of the label. I ordered it and still can recall the dish served on my birthday. Local from the Andaman Sea it was served freshly grilled. A must order.

Finally, skip the beef bacon, if you can eat pork and appreciate bacon wait till you return to a pork-friendly region for that bacon at breakfast (lunch or dinner) moment.

Tour the Langkawi Mangroves

One of the real joys of this island is the opportunity to explore the wild. And with limited time, the best way to take advantage is to head to the water and travel by small (guided) boat through the twists and turns of the Kilim river.

Through the maze of mangrove trees and limestone rock formations passengers can take in the scenery, listen (to the guide) and learn about the regions geologic significance and also see the abundant wildlife. On a tour, visitors can see the bizarre land walking fish, kingfishers, eagles, crabs, troops of Macaque monkeys and more.

Mangroves-Langkawi-cZabransky Monkeys-Mangroves-Langkawi-cZabransky the caves when exploring the limestone caverns and mangroves in langkawi malaysia

Yes, Langkawi offers activities or attractions to its visitors and I listed three things to do in Langkawi, but you’ll definitely also spend a few days not being too active enjoying the beaches and the resorts on the island. You can spend time researching online to determine the price point and amenities you desire for your adventure and with an easy to compare and book approach you can click here to book promo Langkawi hotel on

Yet, regardless of where you stay or when you go, I trust you will definitely enjoy the sights, smells and tastes that await you with a visit to Langkawi, Malaysia.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Monica

    Nice write-up! Did you have trouble with the language barrier? Was it hard travelling alone or did you meet other English-speaking adventurous travelers?

    • craig zabransky

      No, no trouble at all, plenty of English speaking travelers as it’s popular from Singapore and also Australia, so you’ll find plenty. Plus, depending on hotel I suppose….but I / we had no trouble with at the hotel either. Stay adventurous, Craig