Sunset Sunday – Chillaxing at the Rhu Bar Four Seasons Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is special place. The idyllic Southeast Asia holiday island was a great pace to capture the sunset in Malaysia.

One evening, the sunset, a peaceful, relaxing sunset with a blue hue provided the perfect image for the cover of my Sunset Sunday Calendar – Chasing the Sunset.

the Chasing the Sunset - 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar Cover

the cover image

The Rhu Bar Sunset

Of the four nights at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, I spent two evenings enjoying the splendid Malaysian sunsets at the Rhu Bar. Both nights I took the same seat, a swing on the edge of the sand and the Four Seasons Langkawi beach, yet each night provided a different sunset.

I partook in not just the obligatory sunset cocktail, but I also treated myself to a hookah pipe; I considered it all part of my four day birthday celebration.

The sunlight pierced through the clouds delivering golden rays down to the beach and the Andaman Sea. The beams of golden light created a warmth to the moment, some Malaysia magic. I took a hit from the pipe and continued to chillax. Yes, to relax and chill at the Rhu Bar. Happy Sunset Sunday.

sunset at the Rhu Bar at the Four Seasons Langkawi

the golden rays beamed towards the Rhu Bar

Stay Adventurous, Craig

Special Thanks to the Four Seasons Langkawi for their hospitality and making my birthday even more special. And don’t forget you can still order your copy of the 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar here – to stay inspired all year.



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