The Surprising Skyline Sunset of London from Charlton

A skyline at sunset is often one of the best you images possible of a city, but I never considered a skyline sunset of London a real possibility until after my time in Charlton. In some cities, the skyline sunset is a must. I can’t recommend  walking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York at sunset enough. And I look forward to attempting to capture a signature skyline Chicago sunset again soon. But other cities, well, it’s not about the skyline. London fit the latter.

Sure, I may have enjoyed a sunset from London, especially when putting my feet in two different Hemispheres for a Greenwich Mean Time Sunset. But the skyline of London. Nope, it never crossed my mind.

Then one evening after walking outside the local Indian Restaurant (quite good by the way) on the main street in Charlton, everything changed. The magic of a sunset and the skyline appeared. It became a g(G)reat British moment to cherish.

the sunset view of the london skyline from charlton outside greenwich, uk

the London Skyline at Sunset

The brilliant red and orange glows from the sunset cast its glow across the now sudden skyline I never really knew existed in London. I paused.  I watched the colors brighten as the sun continued to descend towards the skyline on the horizon.  I noticed others too. I was suddenly sharing the moment with London commuters who stopped to take a glance. One even took out her smartphone to snap an image.

fellow onlookers enjoying a british treat, the london skyline at sunset

the British are fans of the sunset too

Maybe she snapped the London sunset simply because the sun was out, peaking through the clouds after a string of disappointing summer days. Or maybe it was the beauty of a British sunset showcasing its London skyline. If you ask me, I tend to think the latter again. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig



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