The Prime Time Sunset Sunday – Sunset at The Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London

The sunset is the prime time of the day.

standing in the east and west, both sides of 0 longitude, the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London, UK

standing in the east and the west

Recently when attempting to visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London a place established to create official time (GMT) and measurements including 0 Longitude (the Prime Meridian) I experienced a true prime time sunset.

When I traveled to visit Greenwich, London during an extended stay in nearby Charlton, I wanted to recapture a fun photo from my youth. The chance to have one foot in each hemisphere and stand on both sides of 0 Longitude. To put one foot in the east, one foot in the west.

After climbing the hill, I was disappointed to learn the observatory was already closed. I noticed an afternoon reception with people conversing over cocktails, but couldn’t access the official Royal Observatory grounds. Almost returning in defeat, I noticed a small unmarked opening in the gate below the observatory, and found a small line in the wall (not well marked)  there for people to experience the thrill. I did.

Yet, the true thrill of the evening was walking back down the hill to watch the prime time moment of the day, the sunset. The dark rain clouds set the scene for a ominous sunset over London; a sunset viewed from both the west and the east.

the sunset from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, England, UK

the sunset over London

Happy Sunset Sunday – Prime Time.

Sunset Mindset

It is important to remember to set your clock to sunset as the you can watch the sunset in every time zone. Because of this reminder, this sunset made the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar.

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Stay adventurous, Craig

Travel Tip:

Definitely check the hours and schedule when you plan to visit any museum or observatory, especially if they can possibly be closed (early) for a private party. To see the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London check here.

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  • Maria Falvey

    What amazing colors and to think this happens daily, almost everywhere :-)

    • craig zabransky

      yes 😉 across all time zones. Stay global, Craig

  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Perseverance got you this fab photo. The “small unmarked opening” was waiting for YOU. A perfect sunset capture. Maybe you can try this little place one day right at the tip of the thumb in Michigan for another sunset (or sunrise) photo.

  • Maggie Mistal

    Reliving your youth – how old were you there the first time?

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