Confirmed by Locals, The Best Sunset View in Zaragoza – El Pilar

Go where the locals go. Travel like a local. We all say we want the following, but do we actually do it? Do we ask for advice? Do you?

Well, I always ask locals where to view the sunset and my question was rewarded when I asked in Zaragoza, Spain.  I appreciated the moment so much, the sunset from Zaragoza made the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar.

 Where is Zaragoza, Spain?

sunset in zaragoza, aragon, spain, with puente de piedra and the basilica del pilar

my first view, including the Bridge of Lions

Zaragoza, a city in central Spain, roughly located equidistant between Madrid and Barcelona is part of Aragon. The city of close to a million was named for Caesar Augusta and visitors today can tour impressive Roman Ruins in the city center.

But its notoriety comes from its massive and beautiful Basilica El Pilar and the Festival del Pilar (Oct 12th)

Where to Watch the Sunset in Zaragoza?

the best sunset view in zaragoza, from atop the bridge of lions and the rio ebra with the basilica el pilar

the best sunset view in Zaragoza

After receiving a few recommendations, friends of my family confirmed one place – head to San Lazaro to watch the Zaragoza on the River Ebro with a view of El Pilar. After I arrived, I walked down to the water’s edge and then decided to make my way closer to El Pilar and catch the sunset from the Puente de Piedra, nicknamed the Bridge of Lions, because of the four Lions, the symbol of the city)- just a few yards closer. It became the perfect vantage point to capture the moment.

There I stood on an ancient bridge, dating back to the 1400s and looked across the Ebro River. I stared at the Bascilica del Pilar and also its reflections along with the reflection of the colorful clouds on the water.  Mesmerized for a moment in the fading sunlight I smiled as I often do. Zaragoza, so historic, so beautiful, who knew this city was so special.

Happy Sunset Sunday

Stay adventurous, Craig

The Sunset Mindset

The Zaragoza sunset made the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar because of its beauty, yes, but also because with limited time and one night to capture the sunset, it was asking the locals where to watch a sunset. Asking folks enabled me in a large city to capture and share this splendid moment. City sunsets can be a challenge, but this one came out quite nice, don’t you think?

Order the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar here:
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Also, special thanks to the Zaragoza Tourism Board for also providing sunset viewing suggestions; I am happy to have confirmed one of their picks too.

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