A Slice of New York in Charleston

On King Street a gentleman stated, “pizza by the slice.” I stopped. He extended his hand to give me a pamphlet. Puzzled, I thought was “by the slice” really a novelty or a selling point?

I guess with the American restaurant scene becoming a “chain nation,” it’s true. A single slice might actually be hard to find. But good news for Charleston, Pop’s N.Y. Pizza serves slices right on King Street and just a block from College of Charleston campus.

a N.Y. slice? it must be good...

I might have continued walking, but the reference to New York (the N. Y.) pulled me in. I decided to test a slice. I had to.

I walked in to the back and ordered a slice with meatball.  It came out nice and hot and I added a little grated cheese. Then my first bite. Not bad. A second. Tasty even. But as good as New York? Seriously, is anyplace?

sliced meatballs (not crumbled mystery meat) can make the slice

Tip: Order a slice with meatball.  Like a true NY by the slice Pizzeria, Pop’s served a sliced meatball not crumbled mystery meat. Well, to me, that is the foundation of a good slice in my book.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This is the first installment of the Culture Through Cuisine – Restaurant Week Series. This is the fourth of  five on Charleston.

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  • Conrad

    As a former New Yorker I know New York is where the best Pizzas are made. However the picture you have of the Pop’s N. Y. Pizza really looks good.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      It was a good slice, but agreed – great usually means NY. But do let us know if you find any other good slices in Florida or PA… stay advenutrous, Craig