Bungee Jump – Acapulco’s different dive

Famous for its cliff diving, Acapulco also provides visitors the chance for a different type of dive. A chance not just to be spectator but actually soar from similar heights. The dive is not off cliffs, but rather located in the heart of the downtown beach. The dive is a bungee jump.

my three amigos en Acapulco

After a cerveza on the beach with my friends, I decided to go, to take the plunge. Staying adventurous doesn’t always translate to bungee jumping, but for me, on this day, it did. I handed my camera to a friend and up I went to Paradise Bungee. After a weigh-in and safety instruction I headed up the crane for my jump. I walked or waddled (because of the bungee rope) to the edge and then the countdown began. Tres, dos, uno – Jump, or rather dive. I did. Amazing.

Stay adventurous, Craig
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  • http://www.christinapilkington.com Christina Pilkington

    You’re definitely much more adventerous than me!

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      as long as we each keep taking one small step outside our comfort zone from time to time, that is all it takes to be “staying adventurous”… for me that day, i needed this leap of faith… for others, it’s something else (and what you/ they decide might be too adventurous for me)

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Aadam

    Good pic, waiting on the bull fight pictures as well. Did you get any from the America football match. Thinking more of the fashion show. Life is Good!

    When is the road trip to Chile and Argentina going to happen?

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      Aadam, Hola amigo. I do have a few from the football fashion show, and actually I just recently told that story. And I think you’ll see the bull fight story soon.

      As for Chile y Argentina, I tend to think its 2012, I”ll be focused on Mexico for a bit, but it’s winter in South America now anyways.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Rob

    Aside from the Bungee Jumping, how did you find the trip to Acapulco itself? Some people would say tht with the crime down there it is an adventure in itself…did you feel safe? Good Time?

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      Rob, my trip was not this year, but when I did go, I didn’t find any trouble and had a great time. I didn’t consider the trip adventurous, just the bungee aspect.

      Overall, the city remains a playground for Mexico City’s population. The 4 hour drive makes for a perfect weekend visit.

      The place really heats up at night, so if it’s nightlife you are after, Acapulco has it. In fact, just talking with my dental hygienists she told not only did she feel safe, but it was the best place for nightlife she has ever been.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • http://www.butterflydiary.com/ Charu

    I couldn’t do it…you are way braver than I1

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