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Why sign up for the Stay Adventurous Newsletter?

Do you think your life could use a little more adventure? Do you add aspects of the ‘Stay Adventurous’ travel mindset and make it your mindset for life. for your every day? Well, if you answer yes, and I don’t understand why it would not be, then you want to sign up.

This newsletter will help you make the transition from the daily routine to living an adventurous life.

Wait, but I already read your posts? They inspire me, what else will the newsletter provide?

Tons actually; the newsletter will include:

  • my travel plans, where am I heading to next and why and what type adventure await me?
  • what new destinations or adventures intrigue me….
  • highlights from my blog; the best and most popular stories since the last newsletter
  • what’s new on stay adventurous – new blog series, new pages, new promotions
  • details on the latest Staying Adventurous podcast destinations, and also the Stay AdvenTours trips and adventures to Mexico City and more
  • where else you can find stay adventurous – media appearances, published work, etc…

Ok, it will keep me updated on your adventures, but assisting you?

Great point, and the newsletter wants to focus on helping you achieve the mission of the site and its tag-line….Stay Adventurous; a mindset for travel a mindset for life. That is why each newsletter will also include details about how you can take steps to achieve this goal. The goal to live an adventurous life. Therefore, the newsletter will also include:

  • ways to interact with “stay adventurous” at events, talks and even planning group trips
  • a stay adventurous mindset tip or quote, or story to keep you inspired
  • access to stay adventurous products, yes, they can serve as the reminders you need too

Sounds great, where do I sign up?

Just add your email details above and hit “enter” ,or click here and > subscribe to the newsletter.  You are now on your way…. Welcome to Staying Adventurous.