Abaco Lodge Grand Reopening: Luxury Returns to the Marls

Abaco Lodge was tragically destroyed in 2019 by hurricane Dorian. Where the breathtaking luxury lodge once stood, there was only a pile of rubble. For 3 long years, there has been no lodge on the Marls of Abaco but that’s all about to change!

In April 2023, the new and improved Abaco Lodge reopens. Triumphant, magnificent, and better than ever. Read on to rediscover Abaco Island’s crown jewel. The bonefish of the Marls have missed you!

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What Hasn’t Changed: The Location

Abaco fishing lodge is located in the Bahamas on Abaco Island. Fly into Marsh Harbour for the easiest Bahamas fishing lodge access around. Between Elbow Cay and Treasure Cay, nestled snuggly on the Marls, Abaco is a world-class flats fishing destination. What exactly are the Marls? They’re over 200 miles of skinny-water habitat chock full of monster fish waiting for you.

The Fish

Abaco Lodge fly fishing and stalking trailers are second to none. You’ll find “the big three”: bonefish, permit, and tarpon aplenty. Catching 20+ per day isn’t unusual, especially with the help of our expert guides.

Sometimes referred to as the Abaco Bonefish Lodge, you’ll recognize the first of the big three. The speedy and strong bonefish or “grey ghosts” take some finesse and strength to master. Because of their bottom-feeding nature, their bite is slow and sucking. Don’t react too quickly but be ready for an athletic fight.


Permit come into the Marls looking for crabs to snack on. Their keen sense of smell means they can sniff out your insect repellent in low wind conditions. Because they tend to be larger than bonefish, try pursuing on a skiff in 3 to 5-foot depths.

At night and early morning, tarpon let their guard down a little. They scour for prey at the bottom, moving with the tide. In the morning, you’ll see them gulp air so you can cast on the surface but be ready for a fight.

Even more exciting, in 2019 these fisheries were the most underpressured in the Bahamas. And now? These fish haven’t seen a visitor lure in over 3 years.

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Source: Nervous Waters

Guides & Staff

Abaco fishing lodge staff prides themselves on exceptional customer service, local hospitality, and amazing angling experiences. Our local guides grew up fishing the Marls and the way they “see” an invisible bonefish will make your jaw drop.

What’s New

All new construction, same luxurious feel. The 2023 Abaco Lodge Bahamas boasts 7 rooms with private baths, attached decks, and all steps from the Marls. Enjoy your coffee in a breathtaking blue panorama. Or sip a cocktail under millions of stars.

Fresh ocean-caught dishes prepared in local styles. Day trips and activities for any non-anglers in your party. There’s something for everyone at Abaco Lodge Bahamas in 2023.

Brand new Maverick skiffs get you closer to the most skittish wading fish without spooking. It’s the most comfort and luxury you’ll ever experience in a true angler’s lodge. With the ocean right outside your doorstep and the Marls at your back.

Abaco Lodge Bahamas Grand Re-Opening

April 2023 is the unveiling of the new Abaco Lodge! Completely new construction, updated amenities, and top-of-the-line equipment. They’ll make sure the paint is dry and then open the doors. To be one of the first customers, you’ll need to act fast. Demand is high and return visitors from years past can’t wait to get back on that pristine blue water. The staff can’t wait to write the next chapter of Abaco Lodge fly fishing with you.

Abaco Lodge is the crown jewel of Abaco Island in the Bahamas and a true chance to stay luxurious when sport fishing. If you’re looking for any of the big three (bonefish, permit, or tarpon), you’ll find them in staggering numbers just outside your front door at Abaco Lodge. Hose off your gear, enjoy world-class meals, and head back out on your skiff in the morning. All brand new and designed with anglers in mind. Who could ask for anything more?

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