An Ocean City Sunset on Fenwick Island

Heading to the beach on the east coast at sunset is not the same as west coast. We all know the sun sets in the west, but as we discovered in our Sunset Sunday Series, beauty exists in all sunsets, especially ones over water. In Ocean City, Maryland, an east coast beach town, the sunset will not be on the shores of the ocean, but rather on the shores of the bay. The “bay side” will offer the chance to witness the magic and experience the majesty of a sunset moment.

In Ocean City, there are plenty of recommended places on the bay, such as Fager’s Island(60th st), the public access place of Northside Park (125th st), or bay side restaurants such as Fish Tales (22nd St) or Mackys (53rd St). The list is even longer actually, but during my stay sunset hour was spent on the Delaware side (this time).

 A Delaware Sunset from Fenwick Island

sunset fenwick island delaware ocean city maryland

sunset view from Fenwick Island

For me, my sunsets were spent on neighboring Fenwick Island, Delaware. Just minutes from Ocean City, I typically poured a sunset cocktails and spent the golden hour on the back deck overlooking the canals. One night we were blessed with fireworks show, another we made a dinner from the local fish market and one evening I went for a stroll to capture the views of the bay.

Each and every night I appreciated the time with family, friends, and the majestic views of the water at sunset.

Happy Sunset Sunday.


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