Voyage thru the Inside Passage of Glacier Bay, Alaska

Alaska. The last frontier.

Well that is how we in the “States” classify our 49th and largest state. There is so much to see on this frontier a trip Alaska can include taking a cruise along the southeastern coasts or visits to National Parks such as Denali to even visiting Barrow the northern edge. Couple that with all the history, pristine landscapes, wildlife, nature and you’ll fill lifetime of memories on one trip.


Glacier Bay

Yet regardless of how much of Alaska you explore on a holiday, one of the most memorable moments will involve its Glaciers. And one of the best ways to see the and experience the Glaciers is a sail through the inside passage of  Glacier Bay.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of sailing Holland America through the passage and later this month I will take sail on the Island Princess for a second voyage through Glacier Bay. I am blessed.

sailing in through the inside passage, glacier bay national park alaska

Seagull leading the way in the passage

smaller cruise ship with a kayak excursion in glacier bay national park, alaska

smaller cruise ship with kayak excursion

the fog rolls across the inside passage of Glacier Bay

plenty of fog to navigate in Glacier Bay

Views through the Inside Passage

With no port of call, Cruise ships spend plenty of time inside the passage and allow passengers to enjoy the scenic bypass for hours. Sometimes fog will limit the view, but you’ll be able to walk about the entire ship to see from every vantage point.

promenade deck view of glacier bay national park, alaska

Headed up to the Promenade Deck for a social view

view from the aft of the ship on passage through Glacier Bay alaska

the view from the aft leaving Glacier Bay

view of the glacier bay form the inside passage on HAL in Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

Balcony View

Although one of the best places to take in the view of the Glaciers will be from your balcony. Yes, make sure you get the balcony upgrade on this sail. No crowds, just you and your chance to witness the beauty of this Alaskan Adventure.  On my first passage I even witnessed a calving of the Glacier (not photographed).  I’ll never forget the sound, sight and excitement of the experience, but even without the memory the beauty will leave its mark.

view from the HAL Cruise balcony inside glacier bay national park, alaska

Incredible view of the Glacier from my balcony

Balcony selfie of Glacier Bay Glacier on the inside passage in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

a pre-selfie photo with Doug of Cruise Radio on the Balcony

cheers to Glacier Bay

Cheers from the Balcony

The passage was a special memory I shall always cherish and am awfully lucky to have the opportunity to sail it again later this month. For more on all my new Alaskan Adventures, definitely follow along on #Stay_Alaska via my @Stayadventurous instagram feed.

Stay Adventurous in Alaska, Craig


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