Required Camping Comforts for Beginners

Camping materials and supplies have  come a long way since my early days in the woods, but the basic needs, those necessary items, such as a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc… remain the same.

What to pack after the tent (and tarp) depends on the camping location. Are we driving in to set up mere feet from the car  or hiking off the grid for a few days? Are we camping in summer or winter months and also at what elevation?

After the tent, the next two items designed to enable one to sleep is a cozy sleeping bag to keep you warm and the second is padding to aid in the comfort of sleeping on the ground. Here are two options to consider.

KingCamp 3 Sleeping Bag

Camping in the Everglades National Park in late spring – early summer there was no need for a sleeping bag to keep warm, mere sheets and a pillow kept one more than cozy through the night. But after camping on the cliffside La Grieta, one of the most unique and recommended adventures in Malinalco, Mexico,  I realized the importance of comfort and using the proper sleeping bag to stay warm at that elevation. Winter camping in the Florida Keys can get cool, some night can dip into the 50s, but there is no altitude here, although sleeping on coral rock can be a challenge, but we will get to that.

new tent and kingcamp 3 sleeping bag camping in south florida

Preparing to tent

Created to optimize the weight to warmth ratio, the KingCamp sleeping bag is designed for 3 seasons and to keep someone warm at 26 degrees  (-3c). I noticed on the amazon reviews, a few campers questioned this after nights in the low 40s, but I had no issue with evenings in the 50s and was comfortable and cozy all night.

the KingCamp 3 Sleeping Bag

Getting ready to get comfy in my KingCamp

Also, the compression pack with straps makes for easy handling on a hike and for storage in the garage or loft until it is needed again. With a max user height of 7’8″. open it up completely and it can be shared as a quilt. With plenty of sizes and colors, including some bright options, it is listed on Amazon for $25.99 to $63.99 depending on its options.

What else I love

On especially warmer nights is the double-open zipper enables the opportunity to open from the bottom and slip out the feet. It’s a little bonus feature when staying wrapped up like a mummy for warmth isn’t necessary and especially for those who don’t like to sleep “tucked” in tight.

Venture 4th Sleeping Pad

An extra layer of support can be critical when camping. Whether designed to add warmth and keep the body from the cooler ground or provide comfort enabling campers to rest easier on a layer of support, getting a better night’s sleep may just be a sleeping pad away.

Venture4th Sleeping Bag Compact

Packs away in a small bag, compact and light weight

The Venture 4th Sleeping Pad, measures 72 inches x 22 inches for head to toe. It is 1.5 inches thick with puncture proof 75D polyester outer shell. Translation: it’s sturdy. Setup also takes just seconds, less than 2o full breathes to fill and it has kept for days so far.

The light, packable pad is backpack friendly with its light weight and easy to roll-up functionality reducing to a size of just 11 x 7 inches. Also it is designed to handle winter and high altitude camping (I haven’t tested this) along with being a trusty companion for festivals and beach camping.

The product also claims  “you’ll even sleep on rocks and roots,” which we all know is something our backs don’t appreciate the next morning. The product is listed on Amazon for $36.95.

the Venture 4th Sleeping Pad Blown Up and bag

Looks like a surf board? Another reason to Love it

What else I love

Inside the package, owners receive two patches for those just in case moments. The materials seem quite durable, but for those “you never know” cases it is nice to be prepared.

GIVEAWAY – Win a Venture 4th Sleeping Pack

Venture 4th Sleeping Pad on Display

Bows not included, but they sure do look nice

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Stay Camping in Comfort, Craig

Both the KingCamp 3 Sleeping Bag and Venture 4th Sleeping Pad were sent to me for review and to be used in camping settings. The thoughts and opinions offered here are as usual my own.

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