Sunset on the Dnipro Embankment in Kiev, Ukraine

A Sunset Sunday guest post by Alyssa from her summer adventures in the Ukraine. Enjoy. Happy Sunset Sunday.

The sunset, this natural phenomenon, is a memorable moment and marks the end of the day. At this point, we are often thinking about what we accomplished, what tasks we managed to do and what we need to do tomorrow. It is a period of thinking about life, but let’s not forget it is also about the beauty and eternity of nature, and our place in it.

Dnipro Embankment sunset near Kiev, Ukraine

I like to witness a sunset during summer and last August, I experience a magical day in the beautiful city of Kiev. Why was it so special?

I can still remember every little detail.

On a warm summer day as the sun slowly descended to the horizon, the scorching and dazzling daytime became gentle glowing evening rays. The city also quieted down at this time. I experienced this moment with the company of good friends. We all stared and admired the sunset along the Dnipro embankment, after a full day of adventures. We were catching the last rays of that day. With every minute, a color of the sky became more and more fabulous. We sat on the waterfront, played guitar and sang incredibly romantic songs. The moment of sunset did not last long, but how remarkable and unforgettable it turned out to be as it can transfer you into a fantastic place when you let it take hold of you.

Then as the city plunged into dusk, an entirely different atmosphere in the air. The night in Kiev was just beginning.


Alyssa Johnson is a freelance writer for Same Day Papers  and has her own column in the magazine “Around the World With Us.” and her own blog.

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