Sharing a Sunset Moment on the Slopes of North Korea

The Sunset Sunday series aims to showcase the power of the moment, especially in the shared sunset moment. Andrea of Uri Tours reminds how powerful the moment is as she tells the story of sharing a sunset in North Korea on the slopes Masik Pass Ski Resort.
So let’s view the sunset inside the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – North Korea.)

North Korea at Sunset

sunset inside North Korea taken by Andrea Lee or Uri Tours at the Masik Pass Ski Resort

I recently traveled to North Korea’s new ski resort, Masikryong Ski Resort with a group of snowboarders. I signed up for ski lessons, and in four days my North Korean instructor took me from barely getting down the bunny slope to mastering the intermediate slopes.

On the last day, we took the gondola to the peak and was fortunate to get there right at dusk. Watching this beautiful sunset together, he a North Korean and me a Korean-American, I was reminded of and grateful for the nature and humanity that binds us all together, even in one of the world’s greatest divides.

-Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee is the CEO of Uri Tours, a travel company specializing in North Korea travel. We offer adventure and sightseeing packages for Americans and almost anyone else wanting to experience North Korea. Find and follow Andrea at @andrea_uri instagram-ing North Korean and her company @uritoursnk on twitter.
Happy Sunset Sunday.
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