Russian, A Timeless Sunset on the Shores of Olkhon Island and Lake Baikal

I captured the Lake Baikal Sunset from the shores of Olkhon Island.  Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, is located in eastern Russia. When visiting I stayed two nights in the village of Khuzir and took a trip back in time. With cows freely roaming around the sandy streets lined with small wooden homes, I was deep in the vastness of Siberia.

Just getting to Olkhon Island was an adventure. I took a crowded marshrutka (essentially a shared taxi) for about six hours from the city of Irkutsk and a short ferry ride across the partially frozen lake to capture the Lake Baikal Sunset. Well, for a sunset like this in remote Russia, my travels proved well worth it.

Sunset-Lake Baikal-Russia-kAune


Katie Aune is a former attorney who quit her job in 2011 to spend 13 months traveling through all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. Now back in Chicago and working full-time in higher education fundraising, she continues to travel as often and as far off the beaten path as possible. Find out more about her travels and mission at Also follow her on twitter here: @katieAune

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