Taking a Look at Charlton, London in 5 Photos

I completed a first official house sitting in London, well in Charlton, a neighborhood of greater London in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. London or not, center city was accessible. Yet, during my entire week there I only traveled to center city once. I decided to enjoy daily life in a “new” (for me) neighborhood.

Here is what I discovered about Charlton in 5 photos.

The Charlton House

walking up to the charlton house, charlton, greenwich, greater london, england, UK

walked by the Charlton House every day

The impressive Jacobean building constructed in 1607-1612 for Sir Adam Newton to tutor to Prince Henry today serves as the local library and offers many cultural events for the community including classical music concerts. On the Charlton House grounds  you’ll find one of England’s 50 greatest trees, a mulberry tree planted in an attempt to harvest silk worms, along with large garden greens, an amnesty peace garden, play grounds, plus places to take tea (warning: some might add milk before without asking).

This green space was all in addition Hornfair park just a few blocks away. This borough and perhaps all of England certainly keeps its public green space.

The Bugle Horn

sign describing the matches on at the Bugle Horn in Charlton, greenwich, greater london, england, UK

I was happy to see Leeds... I am a Leeds fan.

The local. I first learned about having a local on my travels to northern England years ago. It is a place, a pub, near your flat you frequent for a pint. In Charlton, the Bugle Horn is essentially the local for most. I visited the pub a few times during my house sitting.

I stopped in for a proper Sunday Roast and then again for lunch another day. The food, surprisingly delicious for pub fare, delighted both times. Definitely worth a stop when in Charlton, but just know they don’t open the kitchen on Saturdays, apparently it is strictly drinking sessions and football (soccer).

Tea Time inside a Cottage

the Old Cottage Coffee House in charlton, greenwich, greater london, england, UK

best scone ever

On the grounds of Charlton Park, a small establishment, the Old Cottage Coffee Shop, exists. The place offers outside seating, but it’s inside (not just because it is chilly even in summer) where a classic setting is perfect for an afternoon tea in proper china. Not to mention, the scones, the best I tasted in my life, will make you a scone fan.  They were simple, but with the clotted cream and jelly … so simply delicious. I may return just for a second (ok 3rd) helping.

Signs Don’t Always Tell the Whole Picture

sign in charlton, greenwich, greater london, england, UK

uniquely British?

I laughed at this sign, would this be allowed (legal) in the States? England is a lot more about facts than feelings.

Yes, elderly people call Charlton home, I met many, but I also met a vibrant multicultural community filled with children. It is officially classified as Greater London and in this southeast of center city neighborhood you’ll find a “multicultural” mix. Maybe it’s time for a new sign?

St Luke’s With Holy Trinity Cemetery

walking up to St Luke's in charlton, greenwich, greater london, england, UK

the tombstone was as tall as me

The local square (or triangle) in town is directly by one of the old churches, St Luke’s. On the grounds, you can walk by tombstones  which are as tall as you even when sunk a bit because of the moist (thanks to rain) soil. Also inside a local family vault rests Spencer Perceval, the only English Prime minister to be assassinated (1812).

The little square outside the church, complete with a war memorial is an active hub too. The constant traffic around, mostly by the famous red, Double-Decker buses makes it difficult to cross. But, it is via those buses most find passage to London since the tube is non existent in this part of south London.

Adventure Travel Mindset Tip

Well, I don’t expect the Charlton to make anyone’s must-do London list (unless you are a scone fanatic), but it certainly was an adventure spending an entire week house sitting in a local London neighborhood. Next time I might stay in downtown London, but it seems you can find a good story an adventure anywhere….It is really just a matter of your mindset, isn’t it?

Stay adventurous, Craig

All photos take with my iphone5.

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  • http://mariafalvey.net/ Maria Falvey

    Great post – Greenwich is a lovely place.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Thanks Maria, Yes, and the actual Greenwich itself (not the Royal Borough) was even more lovely and SO close to Charlton too… It was just 7 quid in a taxi if you don’t want to fuss with the bus… (after my hike and a few pints, I took a taxi back 😉
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • http://travelingted.com/ Traveling Ted

    I think they will someday have signs like that in front of the elderly people’s home in Chiang Mai, and it will say “elderly hall of fame bloggers.” That will be a long time coming for that sign #stayyoung

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Let’s hope very long with many adventures, including building that TBHoF… StayRelatingEverythingtotheHall, Craig

  • TravelEdits

    House sitting is a great way to explore a new neighbourhood – Charlton looks quaint, always nice to stop for afternoon tea.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      TravelEdits, seriously the best scones. really. delicious. StayCultureThruCuisine, Craig

  • TripsByLance

    My wife and I enjoy the signs in the U.K. They are all very literal. And be sure they will never change. I’m glad you found a local pub. My wife’s family is British and we enjoy frequenting the local pubs in their villages surrounding Norwich.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      the local is always a must…. it is such a way to discover the culture… StayLocal, Craig

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