Sunset Sunday – Lover’s Rock, Veracruz

Waiting for a friend on the Friendship Bridge, I watched the sky change colors during the golden hour – sunset. I captured the moment and the magic of the Veracruz sunset on the Friendship Bridge, but little did I know more awaited.  When my friend and fellow ATMEX attendee met me on the bridge, we walked across the bridge toward the shore. We wanted to touch the sand, feel the sea and see the colorful sky from the beach.

sunset in boca del rio, veracruz, mexico... two lovers enjoying the momentlove on the rocks… Viva Mexico!

Our walk continued through construction and residential zones until we finally found the passage through to the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. We found it and noticed a Mexican couple did too; they were enjoying the moment, lovers, on the rocks at sunset.

Stay romantic, Craig

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  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Love on the rocks! That could be taken two ways, but I like your version. Ahh, yes. Love the photo! Great for next year’s calendar?

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Mary, it can be taken many ways… 😉 And thanks for the compliment… I do like the image and possible themes for next year are Beaches or Maybe even Mexico, so it works for both… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Charu

    Looks very peaceful, Craig! Love your series, as always.

    • craig zabransky

      Peaceful is a great word to describe it… yes, it was so peaceful… stay loving the series, Craig

  • Bill

    Great shot

    • craig zabransky

      Gracias Gringo… stay smoking a cigar, Craig

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