Sunset Sunday-Cruising to Manta, Ecuador

“I looked at your map and this will give you a pin in your open space. It’s a sunset from Ecuador captured from aboard a cruise ship in the Manta Harbor.”

Yes, it is a most welcome “pin” and a beautiful moment from Ecuador and South America. Thank you Bob.

sunset from Manta Ecuador aboard a cruise ship.

Thank you Bob Halter for this image

Recently I donated a 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar to a fundraising event inside a Florida Keys community. With the Keys popular for sunsets, the calendar was well received in the community and afterwards Bob Halter, sent emailed me with a sunset from Manta, Ecuador. It was the first stop on his cruise after Panama City and passage through the Panama Canal.

Bob also provided me with a few points about Ecuador. He mentioned one of the country’s main business is fishing, which was evident at the port as the boat’s chef was spotted on the pier buying the next day’s dinner. Ecuador is also where the famous hand-woven Panama hats are made, specifically in the scenic hillside town of Montecristi.

There is much to learn from travel and someday I hope to find myself in Ecuador, especially since now it’s confirmed they have beautiful sunsets too. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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