Sunset Sunday-The Friendship Bridge in Boca del Rio, Veracruz at Sunset

I stood there waiting, knowing I needed to cross the impressive bridge in Boca del Rio, el Puente de Amistad (Friendship Bridge) to get to the beach, but ironically I was still waiting for a friend. We planned to venture to the beach together to watch the sunset.

Sure, the sun always sets in the west and Boca del Rio, the growing town outside of the city of Veracruz, is on Mexico’s east coast – on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. I knew I wouldn’t see the sun dip into the ocean (or the Gulf), but it was a chance to capture the colorful moment in the sky from where the land meets the sea, and a chance to enjoy that special time of day I’ve come to love, with my toes in the sand.

Attending the ATMEX Conference in Veracruz

I was still waiting, apparently the final session of the ATMEX conference my friend attended was ending late. Not a surprise with the packed sessions and in Mexico. Things move slower in a good way here.

sunset on the puente de amistad or the freindship bridge in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico - by Craig Zabransky

her pink bag almost matched the color of the sky.

Well, I heard life happens when you are making other plans, but when you are truly staying adventurous you enjoy life as it happens. So like most sunset moments, the beauty in the moment was not lost on me, and neither was the adventure of my time in Veracruz.

As the sky turned colors I watched people pass across the pedestrian bridge. Eventually, I took out my camera to capture the image. Happy Sunset Sunday from Mexico once again.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Thanks for ATMEX conference for inviting me back to learn about Veracruz again. More on my adventures inside the state and city from my visit soon.  For a map of all the sunsets in the sunset Sunday series, check out the Sunset Sunday map.

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  • Bill

    Craig–you sure make me want to hurry up and return to Mexico–I love that area–great photo–bill

    • craig zabransky

      Bill, this bridge is where right where you picked me up roadside last year when we hung in Veracruz. It made me smile to return, that was a fun afternoon and great to catch-up. I look forward to our next adventure south of the border mi amigo.

      Stay Mexican, Craig