Sunset Sunday-Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Kathy picked me up on the side of the road and gave me a ride to the TBEX conference site in Keystone last year. I didn’t need to wait for the bus that morning. We discussed the conference in the car but when she parked and we exchanged business cards I immediately asked about the image, a sunset? No, a sunrise she responded, but as an avid traveler and photographer Kathy had a few sunsets in her collection too. She thankfully decided to share one from her adventures in Indonesia. In Kathy’s words –

Komodo National Park Sunset

Susnet at Komodo National Park in indonesia after a SCUBA dive by KAthy MednesAfter a full day of SCUBA diving in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, I was sitting on the sun deck of our liveaboard dive boat, the Indo Siren, waiting for sunset. I could tell that the colors were going to be amazing.  I started to reflect on my amazing day and my amazing trip. That morning I had SCUBA dove with manta rays, beautiful big birds of the ocean swooping gracefully past and over us as we hovered over the reef watching them. A couple hours later and we were deep in the ocean again, this time swimming over reef with thousands of colorful fish dancing in and out of the coral. Later we dove with sharks, schooling jacks, and more mantas!

And there I was totally satiated with how amazing the day had been and began watching and photographing the sun setting over the islands of Komodo National Park.  Surprisingly those same islands in the distance I dove next to cast their shadow onto the sky. I’ve never seen a sunset like that before and I know I will remember that sunset, that day, and that trip for all my life.


Kathy loves to do underwater photography and began traveling to exotic and local dive destinations to photograph the underwater world. These travels inspired her to take up topside photography also, with favorites being wildlife and nature photography. Her adventures are chronicled on her website; visit and she can be found on twitter @divermaiden


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  • Maria

    Kathy did a great job capturing this sunset. Wow!

    • craig zabransky

      She sure did, those shade streaks are such a unique capture… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Robert Ronning

    Nice post. perpetuating the image of sunset on the island of Komodo is an activity that requires precision and skill. Komodo Island is an exotic tourist locations. And everyone admit. In this place there are many unique and the experience of other tourist activities than others. Very fun, amazing and incredible. it was my appreciation for Komodo Island. Nice info: … thanks for share.