Sunset Sunday – Sunset at Keystone Resort, Colorado

The horizon seemed to brighten and I knew the moment arrived. I put down my drink, grabbed my camera and started to walk up a snowless ski trail to the top of the mountain. I left the Taste of Vail event located at 11,444 feet behind to climb up even further.  And it took time as I needed to stop for a moment to catch my breath in the thin air. But eventually, I found the silence of nature and the western view to watch a sunset over the valley.

The sunset was the main reason I carried my camera up the double gondola ride to attend the TBEX 2012 welcome reception. And although many of the dishes, especially the chocolate creations for dessert warranted photos, my focus was on capturing a sunset moment. It would be the highest in my entire Sunset Sunday series collection.

I arrived slightly out of breath, but with plenty of time as the longer days of June made for a much later sunset. I stood atop the mountain and looked into the valley as the trees illuminated with a bright green almost to say goodnight prior to the sun’s descent behind the distant mountain. Then just as the sun kissed the mountains it was the clouds turn to brighten and I snapped this image.

the sunset atop keystone mountain resorts outpost in colorado

I wanted to stay to watch more of the afterglow, but I had my moment and now it was time to return to enjoy time with my fellow TBEX attendees. Happy Sunset Sunday.

stay adventurous, Craig

 TBEX is the Travel Blogger Exchange. This year it was held at Keystone Mountain in Colorado.


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  • Rebecca

     Nice shot! Makes me wish I were at #TBEX.

    • craig zabransky

       Rebecca, TBEX was amazing and so was the beauty found in Keystone
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Mary

    Oh, my goodness that’s a gorgeous sight for the eyes. 

    • craig zabransky

      Mary, thanks, glad you liked it.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Terri

    Hi Craig, This is a beautiful picture of beautiful Colorado. Have you ever been to Sol Vista, a small ski mountain in Granby, Colorado. The view of the sunset from there is amazing over the Rocky Mountains. Terri

    • craig zabransky

       Terri, I haven’t been there… haven’t been there yet.
      stay adventurous, Craig


    A spectacular short, worthy of #TBEX!

  • Lazy Travelers

    gorgeous! i mean, this sunset was the reason i was paralyzed with fear going down the mountain in a gondola in the pitch black a few hours later, but whatevs. the things we do for beauty?

    • craig zabransky

       the pitch black ride down was something special no doubt…very memorable.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • The World of Deej

    Great pic, but an even better description… I felt like I was there. You’ve inspired me to put a little more work into my photos of the week:)

    • craig zabransky

       Glad to inspire, that is the goal….
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Chris & Tawny

    An absolutely stunning picture.  Colorado is beautiful and lends itself to some breathtaking pictures.  We saw you around TBEX but never really got to chat.  Hope we meet up in the near future. 

    • craig zabransky

       Yes, hope we do get a chance to connect soon. Thanks for the comments and I couldn’t agree more… Colorado offers breathtaking beauty.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Jetting Around

    I grew up in an area with rolling hills and love mountain views! Beautiful sunset. 

  • Raul

    Phenomenal picture of a beautiful sunset, Craig!

  • Leah Travels

    I miss this country. You captured it beautifully. {sigh}

  • The World Wanderer

    What a beautiful sunset!  More proof that I need to head to Colorado asap.

  • Lola

    GORGEOUS craig! i love that you do Sunset Sunday. such a great idea. 

  • Travel Rinse Repeat

    Amazing photo Craig. I always love seeing pictures of Colorado!

  • Francesca Folinazzo

    Gorgeous sunset and beautiful words to go along with it.

  • BlogWorld CEO

    Great photo Craig. it makes me want to go back!

    • craig zabransky

       Thank Rick. And thanks for putting on an amazing conference too. I hope to capture (or at least enjoy) some of the sunsets from Costa Brava too.
      stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Gina

    That was such a gorgeous location for TBEX. Great shot!

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