Sunset Sunday – Sunset in Mallory Square, Key West

When people think of sunsets in the Florida Keys many think Mallory Square in Key West. It’s a good choice. On my first visit to Keys, now over a decade ago, I watched my very first Florida Keys Sunset from Mallory Square. And now with each visit down to Key West I make a point to catch another one from there too.

I don’t visit because it’s the best sunset, it’s not. I head to the square for the atmosphere. It’s not often you watch a sunset with hundreds of people all celebrating the moment. Plus, street performers delight the crowd for tips as everyone toasts the setting sun with a drink. Yes, you can walk the streets with a red solo cup (or equivalent).

On my last trip, I captured a few images of the sunset from my time in Mallory Square, please enjoy them and a few tips (below) for your next visit to Key West.

sunset view from mallory square in key west

when you arrive early you have clear views of the water.

the crowds at mallory square at sunset in key west

it gets crowded when the sun sets

two young women reflect at sunset in mallory square key west

the afterglow is a great time to reflect

Three Tips to Watch a Sunset in Mallory Square

1) Arrive early and stay late. Make it an event. Enjoy the views early as many sailboats and catamarans head out to sea to catch the sunset from the water. Then stay behind and let the crowds disperse before you leave. Spend some time enjoying the often beautiful afterglow.

2) Buy your drink before you arrive. You can walk on Duval street with a cocktail, so do it.  Purchase your frozen concoction well before you get close to Mallory Square. On my most recent trip, I noticed little availability and long lines for drinks close to square.

3) Tip. Yes, the tip is to tip. Make sure you bring small bills and give a few singles (at least) to the performers. They help make the party. I agree, some might be rude, but don’t get caught up in their games or be upset when they “ask” for tips. If you see something you like, let them know, but don’t tip if you don’t.  Yet don’t be cheap, at $5-$10 dollars per drink in Key West and the high probability of numerous drinks on your travel bar tab(s), a few dollars here will hardly be missed.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig



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